5 Reasons to see Clare Cavanagh Literally

1.     Literally features and celebrates a whole bunch of characters who care too much about stuff that doesn’t matter and who aren’t very cool, so if you care too much about stuff that doesn’t matter and aren’t very cool then you’ll feel seen.

2.     While the show does include a 90 year-old-spy who has killed many people and a school captain inciting a bloody revolution, on the whole it is an overly optimistic and energetically fun-filled affair.

3.     You’ll meet a character who will teach you the secret to becoming a billionaire (NOT A JOKE)

4.     Weekend Notes reckons the show is “bloody brilliant and just really funny”, which is all you really want out of a Comedy Festival show

5.     Three words: Black Eyed Peas.

Clare Cavanagh performs Literally at TIC Swanston – on the corner of Flinders Lane