Adele Cliff : Undershare

By Ron Bingham

Undershare is definitely a show for lovers of puns, especially those interwoven artfully into a story about love and sharing. Adele Cliff Loves a pun and she puns about love.

Adele is great at the one-liner, but is also a brilliant and hilarious storyteller and  shares with us tales of her past relationships, her parents and her little sister. She weaves the threads of her friends and family into a fascinating story with a surprising conclusion. There is also her boyfriend and his accusation that she does not share.

The problem with being a punmeister is that the jokes almost never result in consistent, huge laughs throughout. It can be difficult to gauge the audience’s feelings until the sustained applause at the end of the show. Using this metric I gauged that this almost full house on day two of Fringe really enjoyed the show as much as I did.

This is a very entertaining and fun hour of anecdotes and jokes by a witty performer. Book a ticket now if you’re a lover of wordplay.

Undershare is on at Just the Tonic at The Tron until August 25