Tony Law: Identifies

By Ron Bingham

Tony Law is the very definition of absurd comedy. There wasn’t a theme to this year’s show and the humour didn’t come so much from jokes with punchlines but from his constantly switching accents and the word salad of crazy coming from his mouth. There was a large map of the world on the wall behind him but I don’t recall him referring to it in the show. There were a couple of songs (very loose definition) and a cameo appearance by his son (I’m guessing about ten years old) dressed in full Scottish regalia and lip synching along with the classic Talking Heads song Once In A Lifetime. No reason was given for this (apart from Tony claiming this should get any desire for performing out of his system so he can concentrate on a proper career at school).

If you are a fan of semi-organised chaos by a large Canadian madman, you can’t go wrong with this lunch-time extravaganza. Tony tries not to swear (unless it’s in a foreign accent, in which case it doesn’t count apparently), as his son is backstage. The room was full of fans and I recommend getting a ticket as available seats for his show are becoming scarce.

Identifies is on at Monkey Barrel Comedy until August 25