5 good reasons to see Aurélia St Clair: Woke

1. You will receive a questionnaire that will tell you just how woke you are

2. Has a Jehovah’s witness ever knocked on your door? Want to talk about it after the show? I used to be one and all the door knocking has really prepared me for stand up comedy

3. My comedy style has been described as deadpan, sassy, disarming and funny as f*ck and I know that’s your jam cause jelly don’t shake like this

4. I play some dope intro and outro music so download shazam and wear your dancing shoes

5. I’ve invited my crush to the show, please buy a ticket so I don’t look like a loser when she comes to see the it!!

Woke is on at Crowded in The Vaults from March 24 to April 5