5 Good Reasons to See Jacqueline Mifsud in Muffstud

1. Because you’re the best and you want a show that’s also the best and everyone will admire and respect you for going.

2. The government gave Jacqueline money to do this so it must be good, right? Or did she spend all the money on fancy bedsheets and a suitcase full of turmeric?

3. Muffstud is a badass buttkicking babe and she will teach you how to crush life and keep it tight.

4. If you don’t see the show you might get super sad and cry heaps and get dehydrated.

5. Jacqueline is very funny and silly and loves making people laugh so if you’re into that you should probably come watch.

Muffstud is on at Crowded In The Vaults from April 6 to April 19