5 Good Reasons To See Luke Morris – The Wine Science Show: Second Vintage

1. Come along if you enjoy sparkling red. The wine that looked at Champagne and said, “Hey, would you like some flavour with that?”

2. Come along if you enjoy big topics like neuroscience, memory loss, pollination, cyber security, memory loss, psychology and, arr, memory loss.

3. Come if you enjoy decanting wine. Which is a messy but useful thing to do. Much like having a drummer in a band.

4. Come if you like Durif, or don’t know Durif, or want to know the mystery of Durif. This show has a history tale in it about Durif.

5. Come along for a lazy afternoon wine and laugh. It’s at 4:20pm and so perfect for a pre-dinner learned or unlearned tipple.

Luke Morris performs The Wine Science Show: Second Vintage, at Coopers Inn, every weekend at 4:20pm

Tickets Available Here:  https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/the-wine-science-show-second-vintage