5 Good Reasons to See That One Time I Joined The Illuminati by Lou Wall 

1. I trolled the Illuminati for 5 months for this show. Make the dissolution of my friendships, career, and self-worth worth it.

2. My mum broke into a Freemason’s lodge to help me research this show.

3. With 6 original songs, this is basically a pop concert about a secret global cabal.

4. I will literally give you the QR code that gets you into the secret page on the official Illuminati Website.

5. We’ve been hearing a lot about the damage that conspiracy thinking has done to the world lately. People are looking for serious, intelligent content providing keen insight into the issue. This is not that show. You will not be refunded.

That One Time I Joined The Illuminati by Lou Wall is on at Storyville Melbourne Apr 6-18 

Tickets Available Here:  https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/lou-wall