5 Good reasons to see Gabbi Bolt: I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break

1. It’s got music! This show is kinda like if my life to this point was condensed into 60 minutes of the world’s most chaotic mixtape. All original songs, composed and written by me! (with the help of a drum machine or two).But no dance numbers… actually scratch that, one dance number… bold to call it “dance” though…

2. PIANO! I know you’d think this would tie into point one, but the show is called I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break so it feels weird not to mention that I also play piano. I’ve been playing piano since I was 5, though if you know anything about correct pianist technique you can definitely not tell. But anyway it’s big, it’s red, it’s heavy… actually does someone wanna be a roadie? It’s like, really heavy.

3. If you’ve ever enjoyed a pub lunch in a beer garden, rented/bought a house, had a kid (or actively chose not to), been harassed online, or just have otherwise given up trying to care about life two years into a pandemic, you’ll like this show. (I can’t really give context to this but just trust me.)

4. There is a bar, and you can drink very lovely drinks from it. And y’know what they say… It’s 5:30pm (my show is at 5:30pm) somewhere!

5. I’m coming from Sydney. So if nothing else, Melbourne locals should come just to pity me.

Gabbi Bolt Performs I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break at The Butterfly Club