5 Good Reasons to See Ange Lavoipierre: I’ve Got 99 Problems And Here Is An Exhaustive List Of Them

1. People should see this show if they’re arachnophobes because I personally guarantee there are no actual spiders in this show. Which means, statistically, you’re more likely to meet one by not attending. It’s not advice, but it is something to think about.

2. People should see this show because frankly 99 problems was too many problems to try to squeeze into an hour, and it might be fun to watch me struggle with that.

3. People should see this show if they have ever been personally attacked by the Duolingo owl.

4. People should see this if they like their comedy clever, offbeat and silly, with something to say.

5. People should see this show if they’re sick of seeing the same stories on stage, told in the exact same way, because this show is definitely something else.