5 Good Reasons to See Dice Paper Role presents D&D Live: Myths & Legends

1. Statistics prove* that if you’ve never played D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) before, you ARE curious, and if you have played D&D before, we had you at D&D.

2. Normally nerds who like to play D&D do it in private free from the fear of ridicule; we have no such fear, we know we are ridiculous.

3. Jack will balance a colander on his head for a full hour and forty five minutes, all while doing a French accent. Oui, cést incroyable.

4. See us feign comfort as we squeeze 8 people on stage at once (some of them famous!)

5. You can listen back to the hilarious sound effect that you contributed when we release the game as a live episode on our stream (www.dicepaperrole.com).

*Go on then, look it up.

Dice Paper Role presents D&D Live: Myths & Legends is on April 8 & 9 at 10.30 with a bonus 3pm session on Saturday 9th

Tickets: www.comedyfestival.com.au/2022/shows/d-d-live-myths-and-legends