5 good reasons to see Dazza and Keif: Reenact the Titanic Movie Playing All the Roles

1. If you like the Titanic movie but thought it would be better if they made it heaps shorter and put heaps of sik dances in it like one to Sandstorm by Da Rude

2. You hate Billy Zane

3. You love very nice drawings of sexy lady boobies

4. Dazza’s gay cousin Jordan helps the boiz out by playing all the props and scenery and he takes it VERY SERIOUSLY cos he wants to get into NIDA one day (he has auditioned 5 times)

5. You’ve always wanted to see someone who failed 5 auditions for NIDA do an interpretive dance to My Heart Will Go On while Dazza and Keif do a costume change

Dazza and Keif Reenact the Titanic Movie Playing All the Roles at the Butterfly Club Apr 11 – 17 at 10pm