Nicolette Minster’s Net Worth

By Lisa Clark

Most people have been curious enough to Google themselves at some point. You may find out something interesting, a giggle or a story to tell at parties. But when you are a creative person, in lock down with post partem depression, you may take things just a little too far, like Nicolette Minster did. And again, when you are a creative person, you may write a festival show about it.

Nicolette has a fairly interesting story to tell and begins by explaining that she was a child actor who worked with Meryl Streep. Frankly, I wanted to hear more about that, and how she ended up marrying another former child actor and then decided at some point to do standup. But that fascinating titbit was merely to lay the foundation of why she was intrigued to discover another person online who shares her name and seems to be more successful and interesting.

The main tale is about her obsession with wealthier Nicolette, who may or may not be a real person living in America and the lengths she will go to, to find out about her, which mostly involves a bit of poking about online until she crosses the line somewhat. Nicolette admits, with a grin, to enjoying having a secret little world to disappear into away from her mundane suburban life, that her husband doesn’t know about.

I enjoyed spending an hour with Nicolette, she is bright, cheerful and personable, but Net Worth feels a little more like a lecture with laughs, rather than standup comedy. We learn a bit about her IVF experiences, a tiny bit about maths and possibly a bit too much about prolapses, but Nicolette doesn’t go into depths about a person’s worth, or explore the humour in the appropriateness of thinking of people in terms of monetary worth etc.

Nicolette is certainly an engaging story teller and these would be great stories after a few wines at a dinner party but she doesn’t exact any belly laughs from me. I did laugh sporadically and there were quite a few women in their 30s and 40s having a great time giggling loudly throughout this show.  There is a show for everyone at MICF and if you are a Gen Y, middle class, suburban straight woman looking for something cheeky and non confrontational at the Festival, grab your friends and head on over.

Nicolette Minster’s Net Worth is on at the Town Hall Portico Room.