5 Good Reasons to see Wizard Sandwiches

After gathering a following online with their videos, Wizard Sandwiches are transfering their comedy stylings to the stage for this year’s Fringe. Come along and devour their sketch treats.

1. It’s Edible Comedy. You can see it, you can smell it, you can digest it. We are The Wizard Sandwiches!

2. “I laughed so hard, my cheeks hurt” – Show Goer

3. There are sketches about Llamas and Cowboys

4. The ending of the show not only entertains, but also raises awareness amongst the audience

5. Do you like abbreviated game shows!? Sure you do!

The Wizard Sandwiches are on until the 7th of Oct at Trades Hall – Annexe
Tuesday to Sunday at 8:30pm.
To buy tickets go to: http://www.melbournefringe.com.au/fringe-festival/show/the-wizard-sandwiches/