5 Good Reasons to see 24 Hour HOO-HAA!

5 Good Reasons from The Big HOO-HAA! 

1) 24 hours of Melbourne’s best improvisers running low on sleep and high on energy.

2) It’s presented by The Big HOO-HAA!, who have been making audiences howl with laughter for over 10 years in both Perth and Melbourne.

3) A show as interactive as you want it to be – join right in or sit back and watch the chaos.

4) Tickets are $24 and you get a dollar back for every hour you stay – plus it’s right near the Fringe Hub in North Melbourne so it’s easy to pop in and out!

5) How often do you get the chance to be part of a 24 hour comedy show? In the past these roller coaster events have a achieved legendary status in comedy folklore. You don’t want to miss this one!

For One Night and One Day Only (Just as Well!) From 8pm on Friday the 4th of October through Saturday 5th of October at The Czech Club in Queensbury St, near the North Melbourne Town Hall.