5 Good Reasons to See Ben Pobjie: Wearing A Towel

5 Good Reasons to See Ben Pobjie Wearing A Towel:

1. You know from the title and the poster that I’ll be showing some skin. You’ll be getting your money’s worth as far as acreages of flesh go.

2. This is the first time I’ll be devoting an hour to exploring my own feelings, stripping back layers of pretence and artifice to reach a place of true honesty on stage. As such it is possible that during the show I will suffer a nervous breakdown, and you KNOW that’s gotta be entertaining!

3. In their review of my last show, Australian Stage wrote “Pobjie bundles all kinds of comic devices together into a brilliant hilarious mess.” And that’s coming from Australian Stage. They review actual, proper plays and stuff. They know what they’re talking about. I am indeed a brilliant hilarious mess.

4. I give out hugs to people who come to my shows. Good hugs too. I’ve got these enormous arms. It’s like being hugged by a gigantic plush orang-utan. Really the hug will be worth the price of admission alone. The jokes are just a bonus.

5. Because there is nothing like hearing about another person’s problems to make your own seem less daunting.

You can see Ben Pobjie at the Lithuanian Club at 9pm til the 27th