5 Good Reasons to see Michael Winslow’s Police Academy Sound FX Show

1) I was the funniest guy in the funniest film of the ’80’s. Wasn’t I? Don’t tell me they’ve been lying all along?

2) Homer Simpson said so on The Simpsons. Truly. Which is why I’ve been humble enough to quote the great man, above.

3) I’ve voiced an animated version of myself on Family Guy.

4) I’ve still got it. Jimmy Fallon, the new host of NBC’s flagship ‘Tonight Show’, called me a ‘True American Showbusiness Legend’ when I appeared on his show last month. My Mum cried.

5) Want proof? Check this out! http://www.wimp.com/michaelwinslow/


Michael Winslow is performing Police Academy Sound FX Show at the Yarraville Club from April 4