5 reasons to see The Impossible Showcase, by the Three Toms

1: IMPOSSIBLE TALENT: Award winners, out of towners, local favourites, we lay in wait at their favourite bars, and emotionally blackmailed them into joining up. For you.

2: IMPOSSIBLE ACTS: They’re doing the things they’ve always wanted to try: shadow puppets, musical science-fiction, alternative endings; comedy gold you’ll see NOWHERE ELSE.

3: IMPOSSIBLE UNIQUENESS: If you miss it, it’s gone. Every night is one-of-a-kind, and most of these acts will never be repeated. You’ve already missed Adam Knox’s Conversation with a Hairdresser, and James McCann’s Open Letters to Scumm. Don’t miss Sarah Jones’ Saddest Stories, or Mitch Alexanders Heavy Metal Clowning.

4: IMPOSSIBLE DEALS: Come once, and your ticket will get you half price entry on every other night. Because we want you to see it ALL.

5. IMPOSSIBLE HOSTS: Tom Lang (Love Factually) and Tom McLean (Ghosts Are Real), present the whole ridiculous shebang, with their particular breed of irreverent shenaniganery.

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