5 GOOD REASONS TO SEE IMPROVILICIOUS: The Improvised Guide To High School

1. It’s a side splitting improvised guide to surviving high school with tips on everything you need to

know including bullying, asking people out and most importantly what to do when you send a snap

chat pic to the wrong person. AWKWARD!!!


2. It’s created by super hilarious, multi award winning, stand up comedian and improviser Jimmy

James Eaton.


3. It doesn’t reference the band One Direction at all because OMG they are so totes two years ago.

Five Seconds Of Summer 4EVA!!!


4. It stars the very funny Ben Russell and Cassie V!!! They’re so hot right now!


5. It contains a joke about the Hunger Games. Who doesn’t like a good Hunger Games Reference?


The Improvised Guide To High School is on at Melb Town Hall – Powder Room

For Details and bookings see MICF website http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2015/season/shows/improvilicious-the-improvised-guide-to-high-school