5 Good Reasons to See Simon Taylor – Personal Best

There is in fact only One Good Reason to See Simon Taylor

1. Billions of years ago, stars exploded and dust from those stars settled on the crust of the Earth. From that dust, simple organisms formed and from those organisms humans evolved into their current form. This means that we are all, scientifically speaking, made from the very dust of stars. With this in mind, Simon Taylor is quite dusty. This dust emerges in a beaming showcase of high energy performance, sharp wit and well considered comedy stylings.
The performance booms and trickles and swoops and scuttles around the room until it seeps through the pores of your skin, like a frog absorbing life giving water. Be a part of this immersive entertainment experience.
Drink it up and let it nourish the stardust that sits in your bones.
Open your mind to the cosmic force of the universe by embracing the joy infused into this comedian through the vibration of ancient atoms.

There are also dick jokes.*

*well maybe 2

Simon Taylor is performing Personal Best at The Butterfly Club.
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