5 Five Good Reasons to See Madeleine Culp & Shane Matheson in Dinosaur Guts

1. It’s set inside a dinosaur stomach. FACT. It’s the spectacular combination of madcap funsters Shane Matheson (Jhonsy Award Winner) and Madeleine Culp (ABC radio). FACT. We have squeezed three reasons into one because we don’t play by the rules. FACT.

2. More laughs per minute than Jurassic Park.

3. The most flatulent hula-hoop routine you ever done seen.

4. Songs about dinosaur spew and dinosaur poo that are completely different songs and not just the same song with one word changed.

5. Bestshowyoueversaur.

Dinosaur Guts is on at Melbourne Town Hall. For more information and bookings visit the website: