5 Good Reasons to see 3 States of Comedy.

1. Offering 3 different comedians from 3 different States with 3 Different styles. 3 States of Comedy is an ideal way to start your evening at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Gabe Hogan offers her unique point of view, former footballer Evan Hocking gives an insight into his family life growing up and Geoff Setty’s jokes hit you right between the eyes with rapid fire punchlines and concepts.

2. 3 States of Comedy is like a delicious three course meal served up for your senses. And if you don’t like one course, the next one comes along in just fifteen minutes.

3. At the start time of 6PM, this is a great way to get your comedy juices flowing before checking out your recognised favourites and international acts. This twenty seat room offers an intimate setting to see these three fight out this Comedy “State of Origin”.

4. Evan needs to find another way to get the adrenaline flowing since his footy career went down the tubes. Hopefully his body can hold up to the rigours of 12 action packed shows in 13 nights. Recovery is going to be the key.

5. It’s an hour out of your life and well worth the punt and if they don’t get a decent crowd their families will keep asking if they’re ever going to get over “this comedy thing”, or are they going to get ‘real jobs’.

3 States of Comedy is on at The Downstairs Lounge @ The Grand Mercure Hotel

For Bookings and information check the MICF website