5 Good Reasons to see Jen Carnovale : Give Us A Smile

1. It’s Jens first ever solo show in Melbourne and if you believe what these smart (super smart) people have to say, you should probably buy tickets.

‘Perfect Timing’ -Funny Women UK

‘Brilliant’ – Comedy Estonia

‘You’re a chick’ – Brilliant Mind from Newcastle

2. It’s on at 7:15pm at the Trades Hall, see this show and you can tick the ‘let’s do something different’ box for the year.

3. This show will reignite the spark in your relationship and make you seem insanely attractive to whom ever you desire.

4. I promise not to talk about my junk.

5. I will talk about travel, jobs, boob doctors and more.

Give Us A Smile is on at Trades Hall until April 5
For Bookings & information go to the MICF website: