Tommy Little – Enter the Weapon

By Hannah FrazerTommy Little

Comedian, actor, Radio/TV host, There really doesn’t seem to be much that Tommy Little can’t do. From the minute he walks out on stage Little makes you want to immediately leave with him for the Pub round the corner and just relax with whatever’s on tap.

Little’s show ‘Enter the Weapon’ is really a self- help seminar, he is your lecturer on ‘How to save face, and effortlessly hide your weird’. Little is unpretentious and relatable while also oozing charisma and just all over coolness.

Since starting his Nova Breakfast radio gig, life has changed slightly for Little. While he may still be share housing he knows how to casually flaunt his increased bank balance. His new attitude being, “I don’t need a kilo of cured meat, no one needs a kilo of prosciutto, but you know what, Imma have it anyway”.

Little’s ability to play off the audience is also impressive. No matter what odd or peculiar remarks are thrown at him, he takes on the challenge and seems to enjoy the shake-up his carefully constructed material gets.

Whether it be a failed pick up attempt, walking in with snacks to keep up his energy levels when bravely getting a new tattoo or a less than graceful sky diving experience, Little makes you feel better about things, as you realise “It’s not just me! There are others, just as strange and wonderful as me out there”.

You can’t ignore Little’s professional success, as over the past few years he has gone from strength to strength. But no matter how popular he becomes, it is he down to earth, boy next door persona that draws you in. Usually if you were in the presence of someone that referees to themselves in the third person with their self-made nickname you would generally be right to walk in the other direction. However you really won’t want to walk away from this guy. Little’s show is like ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ you really need to watch it and keep up with it, because it’s all anyone will be talking about tomorrow at work, and you don’t want to seem uncool.

Enter The Weapon is on at ACMI until April 19