Sparrow-Folk: SuBIRDia

By Ron Bingham
Awww, this was so Aussie I almost felt homesick. The stage has a Hill’s Hoist clothesline as the centrepiece and the premise of the show is that we are at a backyard party for the people in the neighbourhood.

Our hosts, Catherine Crowley and Juliet Moody from the lovely little town of Canberra, invite everyone in and entertain us with some deliciously saucy songs on the subject of marital sex, ageing, breastfeeding (which apparently caused a ruckus with the Daily Mail – not hard to do as all you have to say is the word breast and they’ll get offended as an excuse to print ten pages of them), male genitals and female genitals (lovely puppets), squirrels! (with an excellent dancer drawn from the audience), a special costume changing song to the accompaniment of a kazoo, an insight into why and how some people find themselves attracted to the game of rugby and much more.

There is a lot of local gossip and a little bitchiness, some swearing and adult concepts, but the ladies are so lovely and charming that there is no possibility that anyone could be offended by them (well, apart from the aforementioned DM). The fabulous costumes and props for the show are worth the ticket price alone, but you also get an hour of fab songs (google the breastfeeding song for a hint of what’s in store for you). This show is highly recommended and should be on everyone’s list of things to see this festival.