5 Good Reasons to See Lee Naimo in Definitely Not a Trap!

1.   Primo Content. Most shows have good content, but I’ve worked really hard to make the content in my show 100% primo. One of my friends saw the show the other day and he was like “Woah, that content is primo!” so I’m not making this up.

2. Soulful Beats. There’s so much great music in my show, but what really rises above the melodies and basslines is the beats. They’re infectious grooves that will have you grinding and bumping for days!

3. Warmth and Shelter. There’s no denying it, my venue has a roof and walls. Come in out of the cold, grab a seat and enjoy the comfort that I presume will be available.

4. Perfect Facial Symmetry. If you drew a dotted line down the exact middle of my face, you’d see that both sides are almost exactly alike. I mean, my nose is pretty crooked and one of my eyes doesn’t open as wide as the other one but it’s pretty close.

5. No Regrets. I won’t have any, and I’d highly recommend you don’t bring any into my show. Why would you? Live life without regrets. Make the first move. I stole a Qantas iPad the other day and I sure as heck don’t have any regrets about it. It’s great!

Lee Naimo in Definitely Not a Trap! will be on at The Lithuanian Club 18-25 Sept