5 Good Reasons To See Murphy McLachlan Has Corn Chips 

1.     You get to sit down on chairs. Like, proper chairs. No hipster crate bullshit.


2.     There will be cool rock and/or pop music briefly playing at the start and end of my show! So you can boogie down, laugh heaps, and then boogie down again.


3.     I will be wearing a decent-ish buttoned shirt AND it’ll be probably be different every second night! So there’s an incentive to come to multiple shows!


4.     After the show, I will be handing out flyers for the other Fringe show I’m doing, Murphy, Tom & Claire Present  A Modern Guide To Etiquette in the 21st Century & Beyond: A Detailed Cross Section of Life From the Expert Minds of Some. It’s about etiquette I think.


5.     I has corn chips

Murphy McLachlan Has Corn Chips  at The Improv Conspiracy Office

Tickets & Info: https://www.melbournefringe.com.au/program/event/view/d9c38d0b-2fe8-45d6-b6ae-eb5dbf254a73