Tony Martin – The Arse/Elbow Equation

By Elyce Phillips Tony-Martin-Arse-Elbow-Equation

There are few people in the Australian comedy scene more revered than Tony Martin. Since his early days with the D-Generation, he has earned a reputation for hard work and incredible wit through his output on TV and radio. The Arse/Elbow Equation serves to confirm that Martin is well-deserving of the hype. It is an utterly hilarious hour of storytelling, filled with clever prose and fantastic character work.

In this new show, Martin tells tales of getting older. He turned 50 last year, but still finds himself muddling through life. The only thing that has changed is the unexpected introduction of invasive medical procedures. The Arse/Elbow Equation highlights Martin’s fantastic skill at turning everyday occurrences, like a trip to the bank or the video store, into incisive works of comedy genius. There are no gimmicks here – most of the show is observational humour – but it feels fresh and insightful. Martin may not feel like he has mastered life, but he has certainly mastered this medium.

The stage is clearly his natural habitat. Whether it’s a personal story or a pitch-perfect impersonation, Martin delivers his material with complete ease. The audience was kept in fits of laughter, with barely a chance to catch their breath.

Martin is a comedy legend that has lost none of his spark with the passage of time. He’s the comedian that other comedians come to see, and for good reason. If you get the opportunity to see this show, snap tickets up as fast as you can. This is dizzy stuff, folks.

The Arse/Elbow Equation is on at the Fringe Hub – Meeting Room until October 3, however tickets are currently sold out for the rest of the run.