5 good reasons to see #1 NINJA

1. Shopping tips: How would you like to save 100% on mid-to-low tier fashion brands? A lot, good! Come on down and learn our secrets.

2. You are addicted to cream, collect used aerosols and/or hunger for play. You need help! Can’t you see that? Come on down, let us heal you.

3. You work in an office environment and spend most of your time camouflaged to avoid detection. You sound pretty advanced, let’s take you to the next level!

4. You have strong feelings about Life Coaches and/or Ninjas. 100% of you will love this show.

5. You are a direct blood relative of Dan Pavatich, Ivy Latimer or Andy Balloch, and are therefore obligated to attend (that means you Dad!).

Dan Pavatich, Ivy Latimer & Andy Balloch are performing #1 NINJA at The Improv Conspiracy Thur – Fri throughout the Festival

For more information see the MICF website: