5 Good reasons to see Heather Valentine: Mastress of Ceremonies

1. Nutbush. No explanation required.

2. Want to see what would happen if Fleabag and the cast of Four Weddings and a Funeral had a love child, who was then forced to MC her ex-boyfriend’s wedding? Then this is the show for you.

3. The perfect night out for a group of girlfriends, smug couples or men looking for a room filled with a lot of women who have impeccable taste in comedy shows.

4. A chance to get the gang together to reminisce about all the terrible weddings you’ve been at – the speeches that made fifty shades of grey seem tame, and the bridesmaid dresses that were purposely chosen to make sure you looked like human fairy floss.

5. Alcohol. There is a bar next to the seats and you are encouraged to keep topped up the whole way through the show. Raise your glasses to love (yuk)!

Heather Valentine performs Mastress of Ceremonies is on at 7pm April 4 – 10 at The Motley Bauhaus


5 Good reasons to See Comedy On The Rocks

1 – You are passionate about wizards, 80’s dance aerobics, online dating, camels, ant seminars and tackling climate change (among other things)

2 – With 10 cast members, and over 36 years combined studying various Arts Degrees,  THATS A WHOLE LOT of HECS Debt. So you can sleep easy knowing you’re helping us pay it off, one ticket at a time.

3 – You love games and a cheeky chuga-lug so if kings cup is your cup of tea, you’ll love this theatre drinking game.

4 – With 5 short plays by different comedians you’re bound to chuckle and chortle at SOMETHING. Or feel free to take us up on our 999 day money back guarantee***
*** Soz, no refunds. If you don’t find us funny, our mums do and that’s all that matters ***

5 – Brag to your friends about seeing us before we were famous and got our own Netflix specials.

Comedy On The Rocks is on at Palace of Magnificent Experiences Apr 1 to 24 Fri to Sun


5 Good Reasons to see Two Little Dickheads: Kapow!

1. The time for fun is Meow

2. It’s like if Lano and Woodley were bonking (and were cats)

3. If you’re not sure if you are a crazy cat lady or not, you’ll know by the end of the show (the answer will be yes)

4. You don’t need to bring your own cat

5. No BYO cats – we cannot stress this enough – we can’t take your cat – we already have FOUR cats dang it. Stop it. Too many people bring cats – seriously. Stop. Our cats are all rescues, cos we are GOOD people – but the show is not just about cats – there’s other stuff too – like magical arse scarfs – which cats LOVE to chase – so don’t bring your cat (hawks welcome)

Two Little Dickheads: KAPOW! is on at Storyville Mar 29 – Apr 10 (no shows Mon)


5 Good Reasons To See Innes Lloyd: A Bond Among Us

5. The Duo: Innes Lloyd: Innes Lloyd have been performing their brand of nerdy homages at the Melbourne Comedy Festival since 2015. Starting as an improv duo with Innes Lloyd Men of Your Dreams, they have evolved into spinners of genre-bending yarns. In 2017, they incorporated every adaptation of the Jules Verne classic Journey to the Centre of the Earth into a rollicking hour show. Innes Lloyd adapted Dracula in 2019 and wrote and performed an original sequel, Mina Harker Monster Doctor in 2021, both featuring the wonderful Jennifer Speirs as Mina. In between festivals, they are seen doing one-off tribute shows celebrating nerdy anniversaries such as the 40th anniversary of The Muppet Movie‘s release and the 50th birthday of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

4. The Venue: The Butterfly Club is a bustling hub of exciting, alternative comedy. There are tonnes of amazing shows throughout the festival. Why not get a drink at the fabulous cocktail bar and plonk yourself down for an evening and enjoy the names-before-they-become-names.

3. The Story: Everyone has done parodies and comedy shows satirising James Bond for decades. Nobody needs to see another pseudo-Austin Powers cabaret. A Bond Among Us instead explores the life of the villains. Why does a person become a Henchman? Is it just the money? Or is it a devotion? In this show, we explore the rise and fall of Upper Hand, a henchman who grew up with one sole purpose: to kill James Bond.

2. The Fabulous Cast: Joining Innes Lloyd for this show are Seon Williams and Louisa Fitzhardinge. Seon is a brilliant theatre, television and film actor who has come straight from Scott Middleton’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream to lead this production as our lead character: the Henchman Upper Hand. Louisa is a talented singer, actor and improviser who is no stranger to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Her solo show, Comma Sutra, was nominated for Best Cabaret at the Perth World Fringe Festival. She can be seen in the long running improvised mystery play at the Butterfly Club: Murder Village.

1. The Best Nerdy Alternative To Stand Up: Do you enjoy cinematic homages? Do you enjoy learning Fun Facts? Are you looking for a fun evening without being yelled at or belittled for sitting in the front row by some guy in a flannelette shirt? Then this is the show for you!

Innes Lloyd perform A Bond Among Us at The Butterfly Club Apr 11-17 at 7pm


5 Good Reasons to See Presentation is Everything – An Hour of Power(Point Comedy) 

1. Presentation is Everything is the antidote to every bland lecture, dull pitch and boring presentation you’ve ever had to endure. Come and heal.

2. Sweeney & Ethan just finished a sold out run at the Adelaide Fringe where they swear they went for a comedy tour and not a wine tour(s).

3. The show will be performed at Loop Bar Melbourne – a venue that literally has more indoor house plants than chairs. Zen/10.

4. This Microsoft PowerPoint show is the only festival gig where you can say “I think Bill Gates is behind this” and not sound conspiratorial.

5. The first few shows are very nearly sold out so get in quick. They’d hate for you to have more technical difficulties buying tickets than Sweeney and Ethan did building this PowerPoint show.

Presentation is Everything – An Hour of Power(Point Comedy) is performed by Ethan Cavanagh and Sweeney Preston at Loop Project Space & Bar Wednesdays and Thursdays from March 30 but NOT the 14th!


Highlights and previous reviews for The Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022

by Lisa Clark

Welcome to Comedy in 2022. Lots of venues are open and buzzing as comedians all over Australia are getting their shows together, and begin to perform them in Festivals such as Adelaide and Canberra. Here in Melbourne it all still feels a bit weird and little scary, but those getting out there are so happy to feel some sort of shared normalcy. It’s a later than usual Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year, which fits in with the later Easter and, well, you know, hopes that infections will go down.

We won’t be able to do as many reviews as we usually do, we will do some reviewing and also promoting shows with our “5 Good Reasons to See….” and so forth. We will also be keeping on top of what’s happening via social media.

As always, there’s something for everyone; from straight standup to sketch, impro, magic, mime, circus, quizzes, cabaret and the totally bonkers weird shit. There’s people off the telly and people off the radio and people who are so hilarious you wonder why they are not.

Ronny Chieng who left us to work on The Daily Show and Hollywood blockbusters is back on his The Hope You Get Rich Tour but get in quick before his short run sells out. Sammy J, now busy breakfast Radio DJ and ABC political satirist, is managing three shows of Symphony in J Minor that will also go quickly. It’s exciting to see Carl Barron make a rare appearance as part of the festival as well as Laura Davis returning from London to perform If This Is It and Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are Still Here.

I recently saw Oliver Hunter working on his show On a Roll, he is a fantastic up and comer who like most up and comers has actually been doing comedy for 6 years. Kit Richards, an amazingly talented up and comer, will be burning some bridges, no doubt, in the sarcastically titled The Nicest Guy in Comedyand. Ben Russell & Maggie Looke will be doing comedy walking tours (Ultimate Hollywood Tours – It’s a Moosehead show!). Rob Hunter is doing a Late O’Çlock 10 year anniversary show that should be as wild and silly as we have come to expect. Some comedians are doing second shows; Guy Montgomery is doing Friday night Spelling Bees, Anna Piper-Scott will be creating an improvised show on the spot for three nights in Is This Anything?  and Josh Earl is doing his final live Don’t You know Who I Am? Podcast recordings, which will go out with a bang, including the 300th special edition show.

It wouldn’t be a MICF without Faulty Towers The Dining Experience. We’ve reviewed it many times – hard to resist the lure of a free meal for a poor hungry reviewer – but actually everyone I know who’s seen it had a fabulous time!

After last year, proving we don’t actually need them, it’s quite lovely to see our dear overseas family return (well some of them have married Australians) Ross Noble, David O’Doherty, Carl Donnelly, Arj Barker and Stephen K Amos. We can only Hope that Fern Brady and Flo and Joan become firm regulars too.

Do our New Zealand regulars even count as overseas, how are Guy Montgomery and Urzila Carlson not living here?

Most performers have somehow worked up Fresh shows for 2022 and a few are offering shows again, with a refresh and a chance for you to catch up if you missed it the first time.

 Here are some shows we reviewed earlier:

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