5 Good Reasons to see Simon & Perri Go Large

1: It has been hyped as one of the greatest stage performances in history, by Simon and Perri themselves, and based on nothing at all.

2: They were specifically told they weren’t allowed to have fire. So you’re definitely not going to see fire. Wink wink. No but seriously, they signed a contract.

3: Simon has the hair of a Greek god, whilst Perri has the beard of a Greek woman. Both are very impressive.

4: They’ve spared no expense; they are providing all of the chairs! Well, the venue is, but they paid the venue. Actually they’re still paying the venue, it’s an installment thing… anyway, you don’t need to know this, it’s not important. There are seats okay? Who doesn’t love a good sit?

5: It features two very promising comedians, of two very different styles, splitting the show right down the middle. There’s something for everyone. Unless you’re a pyromaniac, sorry, they signed a contract.

Simon Cumming and Perri Cassie perform Simon & Perri Go Large  at The Downstairs Lounge @ The Grand Mercure Hotel from Apr 5

For more information check out the MICF website:


Five good reasons to see The Consumption in The People vs. Carmen Sandiego

1. It’s a fun mix of live and video sketches. They’re returning to the stage and this time they’re bringing film! It’s like a night at the theatre and a trip to the movies all at once. What more do you want?

2. We can pretty much guarantee you won’t be stung by bees during the show. * Who else can promise that?

3. They’re masters of puns. As the hosts and contestants of the PunWatch podcast, these guys cannot be out-punned. No other sketch group can make you groan and roll your eyes with such dad-like efficiency.

4. They’re a handsome bunch. Whether you like tall pasty white guys with long hair or tall pasty white guys with short hair, those Consumption lads have some eye-candy for everyone. Come for the jokes, stay for the sweet, sweet booty.

5. You’ll get to see an adorable puppy. He’s so freakin’ cute that he’ll make your dog look like a pile of cold snot! Sure he’s a real diva to work with and refuses to learn his lines, but what do you care? Puppy! So cute!!

*Guarantee not legally binding. Thursday night is “Live Bee Night”; things tend to get a bit wild.

The Consumption are performing The People vs Carmen Sandiego at The Downstairs Lounge @ The Grand Mercure Hotel from April 5 – 17.
To book Visit the Comedy Festival Website


Kilian David – Kililiananan Davavidid

By Elyce Phillips Kilian David pic

Sydney comic Kilian David has brought his first solo show down to Melbourne Fringe this year. Kililiananan Davavidid is a likeable collection of sketch and stand-up, showcasing David’s talent for creating characters and impersonating David Bowie. The material is hit-and-miss, but there are some moments of fantastic comedy that shine through

That Kililiananan Davavidid is David’s first solo show is fairly apparent. The more successful elements of the show are sketches, often involving David playing several characters interacting with one another. The stand-up sections of the show, however, needed work. David is a likeable storyteller, but the stand-up pieces felt unstructured – like a tipsy mate telling you a rambling story down at the pub. David occasionally struggled to find the right words, and his stories often fell flat at the end, not arriving at any sort of strong punchline. The stand-up wasn’t delivered with the same confidence as the sketches, and so the show lost its momentum during these parts.

There were definitely some promising moments in Kililiananan Davavidid, though. An audaciously simple bit involving David clicking his fingers to music was absolutely hilarious, as were a series of mime performances set to the score of The Never Ending Story. The sketches were all strong and performed in an assured manner. David showed a real ability for establishing characters through voice and expression, and that brought these parts of the show to a higher level.

Kililiananan Davavidid is a mixed bag of a show, but tucked in amongst the shakier moments are some real comedic gems. David definitely has the skills to create a hilarious solo show. His material just needs some more refining to take it from affably amusing to something truly great.

Kililiananan Davavidid is on at the Highlander Bar until October 3


2 Girls, One Cup of Comedy – Sam & Helen

By Ron Bingham
2 girls 1 cup
This is a selection of shows from the fringe presented by Sam and Helen, whose show I had seen (in the same room) a couple of hours earlier. Our friendly hosts start the show by getting to know the audience with a little gentle banter, then they get down to business and introduce the first act of the evening.

Aideen McQueen gave me the line of the evening by describing the room as the inside of an obese gay man’s coffin which was surprisingly apt. Aideen was very funny with her tale of picking up a younger man through a simple vocal misunderstanding. She doesn’t appear to have a show at the Fringe (her name didn’t appear on the fringe search and I don’t seem to have a flyer for her).

After Aideen, we had the token male Sean something (he gave me a flyer after the show, but it turned out to be for someone else’s show. That’s not helping!). He told a few tales about being mistaken for Phil Jupitus (in bad light) and being heckled in the streets of Edinburgh by an emo (do emo’s still exist?) but he lost my respect when he started picking on Australians. His gauche attacks on the noble Australians were rebuffed expertly by the next act (with a little half time aerobics from out hosts between), Yve Blake.

Yve is a delightful Australian who’s website requests people to share their deepest secrets with her, which she then turns into songs. Yve only had the time to perform one song, about a young lady who was determined to lose her virginity for the bragging rights, and it was a corker. Another show to add to the ever-growing list of shows I’d like to see.

Following Yve was the final guest from the overflowing comedy cup, Amy Howerska, a Polish-Welsh Jewish redhead who brought the evening to a smashing end with some funny routines about her family and other mad people. I’m seeing her show today.

To summarise, this is a lovely fun hour of entertainment hosted by a friendly and engaging duo, featuring a ever-changing cast of guest artists from round the Fringe showcasing the best of their shows/material. The room was sold out on Wendesday so booking would be an excellent idea for those looking for a funny, comedian-packed end to the evening.

It’s in the Just The Tonic’s Wee Room.


5 Good Reasons to see Tea With Dystopia

1) Marek Platek & Firdi Billimoria have been tirelessly exploring the recesses of their minds to develop sketch comedy that is not only absurd, but also clever. See these 2 bring you their riotous cavalcade of short sketches and ridiculous characters, guaranteed to make your late night adventure to the Portland Hotel highly worthwhile.

2) Tea: a hot beverage. Dystopia: an imaginary world where everything is bad. Stir with caution. Do not add sugar. Tea with Dystopia should not be taken orally. If consumed, induce vomiting. Then add sugar.

3) We all know that in a few short years, the machines will eventually take over and the human race will become nothing but a means production. Its kind of already started hasnt it. So instead of descending into the horror of the machine apocalypse with nothing but anxiety and fear, why not do it with a graceful amount of sketch comedy. Tea with Dystopia cannot provide you with the grace, but can do the sketch comedy part.

4) Well the rumours are true, Marek Platek, the guy who brought you Wormhole and Domestos the Acid Fairy, is leaving the fair shores of Melbourne, for some place called Paris. That is correct friends, this is the last time you will see Marek perform in Melbourne for a while before he goes to study clowning under Philippe Gaulier. Not juggling, red noses and children’s parties and shit, real clowning.

5) In one of his drunken hazes in the early 90s, late Russian president Boris Yeltsin vomited on his security staff and whispered to a door mat “Give them hell!” , in broken English. The doormat has been emotionally scarred ever since and thus been a recluse since 1993. We have just heard that this doormat has bought tickets to Tea With Dystopia. So not only is guaranteed sketch hilarity to ensue, but it is also your chance to see Boris Yeltsin’s door mat in public for the first time in 21 years.

For information and tickets check out the Fringe website

Jennifer Wong – Laughable: The One-Liner Show

By Alanta Colley

The demure and delightful Jennifer Wong presents the picture of an entirely unlikely comedian. Shy, introverted, and softly spoken, Wong endears us almost instantly with her particular brand of improvised punning. In Laughable Wong walks us through the day in the life of a ‘Puntrovert’; puns at absolutely every turn. As Wong explains, the puntrovert thrives on groans, so the audience’s loud responses to her incessant word play only makes her stronger and eggs her on.

Wong displays the unique talent of a punner on the run; working with whatever material the audience provides she improvises puns on the most unlikely subject matter. Every night I imagine will be a unique masterpiece of this perpetual play on words.

This is gentle and genial comedy. Wong employs each of us as characters she meets along the way on her day of punning about town. On this particular night we saw what Wong could cook up with a librarian, a psychologist, fish and chips, and various bakery items. Her interactions with the audience are delicate and respectful and as such she gets the very best from people happy to contribute to this collaborative tale being woven.

Wong plays with the stereotypes surrounding her Chinese heritage. As well as our expectations that she’ll play with the stereotypes of her Chinese heritage. She manipulates meta comedy for her own purposes. Wong proves she’s a bilingual punner; capable of punning in Cantonese as well as English. Luckily, she’s also happy to translate for us.

Punning and improvisation are unlikely bedfellows making this show something quite special. Even if puns aren’t your preferred form of comedy you can’t help but be impressed by their sheer multitude in this performance. We can almost hear the whirring of Wong’s mind as she revisits episodes throughout our narrative towards the end with a fresh batch of puns out of the oven. It’s not quite clear how she managed to concoct them while the show powered along.

Intelligent, engaging and unashamedly uncool comedy from a deeply endearing up-and-coming comic. A pleasant addition to your Comedy festival experience.

Laughable: The One-Liner Show is on at the Forum Theatre – Ladies’ Lounge until April 20