5 Good Reasons to See Game Boys: Free to Play

1. You’ve played more video games than you realise – You’ll enjoy it whether you’re a gamer or not. But lets be honest, there’s no one reading this who hasn’t played Tetris or The Sims.

2. The Sims – If you delighted in torturing your sims by locking them in a room as they busted to go to the toilet then prepare to torture Eden live on stage.

3. Nostalgia – Take a stroll through your old save games as they navigate growing up in the 90s with Cheez TV, slap bands and crying when you lose a game of NBA Jam. ‘Member NBA Jam? And Doom, if you’ve wanted to be a Pinky Demon from Doom then don’t miss out.

4. High fidelity graphics – The show looks crisp running in 4k at a stable 60fps with HDR, it looks so realistic it’s almost like you’re in the room with them.

5. Mario Kart – Recreated live on stage. For real. If you’ve ever wanted to throw a green shell at Luigi (or Josh) then this is your chance.

Game Boys: Free to Play is on at Tuxedo Cat from September 29 to October 1


5 Good Reasons To See ApocOlympics

1. It mixes the absurdity of a post-apocolyptic world with all the fun and chaos of the Olympics.

2. It answers the question “What if Trump wins the election?” – with the best possible outcome.

3. You love eating American-style BBQ and then enjoying a show. Or vice-versa.

4. You want to see a show with a hive mind, mutants, the hybrid half-chicken/half-turkey “churkey”, crow giants, Greg, guessing games and news broadcasts all in one show.

5. You have this intense desire to use a promo code. And the promo code is CHURKEY.

ApocOlympics is on at The Tickle Pit @ Fancy Hank’s from September 28 to October 2.

Visit the Melbourne Fringe website for further details: