5 Good Reasons to See Damien & Ross in Safari Psychosis

1) Damien has a background in improv and stand up, so if he forgets his lines he can just adlib his way out of it. Once during rehearsal, his adlibbing ended up turning the show into  Death of a Salesman. Briefly considered just doing that show instead. Ross is just some guy off the street.


2) Damien & Ross have won the award for ‘Most Handsomest Well-Behaved Boys You’d Feel Comfortable Taking Home To Your Mum”. And as we all know, awards are never not a high indicator of quality. Always. Always. Always


3) Rejected sketches for the show include “Damien & Ross Meet Frankenstein’s Ghost”, “Damien & Ross Punch Malcolm Turnbull Way Up In The Guts”, “Fried Rice Pregnancy”, “Damien and Ross Visit the Doctors But Whoops Turns Out the Doctor Isn’t Qualified and Isn’t Very Smart” – if hot comedy gold like that was thrown into the dumpster fire of rejection, just imagine what they’d spit up on stage for their show.


4) Alternative sketch comedy written, produced and starring two silly hamboys who worked extra hard to make the funny ha-has for you all. If you hate this show, you hate joy and happiness.


5) This show IS 2016. A comedy show for millennials.  Absurdity and gross out humour in place of wit, baby! It’s what the young people want It’s a way of channeling our Gen-Y frustration you old folks! Intelligence? Intelligence is for smart people! If you don’t get our hip n’ happening references,, just go back to listening to ABC National Radio old timers. Punk rock! If you don’t like it, don’t come. But please come.

Damien & Ross in Safari Psychosis opens September 15th and goes til the 23rd at 7:15pm (No show Wednesday) at Tuxedo Cat


Ross Purdy’s Apocaparty Destruct-a-thon: Presented by Demente Grande Variety Hour

By Colin FlahertyApocalparty

Apocaparty Destruct-a-thon: Presented by Demente Grande Variety Hour. The title alone had me intrigued in Ross Purdy’s show and the blurb in the guide accurately sums up what you can expect; a “hot soup of existential dread and bizarre stupidity”.

This show explores the concepts of failure, crushed dreams and parental disappointment. These themes are fertile territory for comedy but Purdy often struggles to find the funny. He discusses his character’s mental issues rather dryly to the odd nervous titter so he had to resort to graphic turns of phrase and extreme self-deprecation to get most of the laughs. With these topics you would expect to see some sort of interesting character arc, but this is not the case as the aforementioned existential dread quashes any such notions. Aside from repeatedly pounding us with the fact that life is shit he doesn’t seem to be telling us anything else let alone offer any solutions.

An awful lot of his show is weirdness just for the sake of it. While this sits nicely with his theme of mental illness it lacks cleverness and employs absolutely no subtlety. There’s plenty of gross out humour that’s quite puerile and garners guilty chuckles. The biggest reactions he gets are from the many acts of self-flagellation which tend to be more awkward than laugh out loud (although the sadists in the crowd would say otherwise). You have to pay very close attention to follow the storyline buried amongst all the madness. His jumping between disparate thoughts may have been an appropriate way to demonstrate a breakdown on stage but it was difficult to sit through. In a similar manner, the finale to this performance is a rambling affair with numerous false endings dragging things out unnecessarily.

Performance wise, this is very messy. He regularly fumbles through a box of props which is distracting and the performance space ends up as an apt pigsty. Purdy uses a lot of pre-recorded dialogue to react to and generally does a good job of it but the effects heavy voices are often difficult to decipher particularly when combined with a musical soundtrack. Similarly his monologues go from quiet mumbling to shouting; again appropriate for the character but difficult to comprehend. He certainly has a distinct and unique voice, and commits wholeheartedly to selling this show but it’s a shame that his delivery can be so impenetrable.

One aspect I found intriguing and amusing were a number of moments self-critiquing his own performance while having digs at comedic conventions. His acknowledgement to the audience that he is well aware that this is all a bit of a shemozzle is cute but doesn’t really make things any more palatable.

While certainly a wild ride, this Apocaparty seems happy to wallow in the gutter rather than reach for the stars. If the humour of humiliation appeals you may find something to tickle your fancy but those hoping for something more coherent and substantial will find it a bit too much to cope with.

Apocaparty Destruct-a-thon: Presented by Demente Grande Variety Hour is on at Pleasance House Comedy until April 17


Five Good Reasons To See Ross Purdy – Apocaparty Destruct-a-thon Presented by Demente Grande Variety Hour

1) Ross travelled far and wide to The Holy Mountain, imbibed the crystals that grew on its supple crystal trees, to break bread and make peace with the gods that ruled those mountains and to learn their language to write an amazing, life-changing comedy show. Turned out mortals can’t understand the language of the gods and performing it would be futile, so he scrapped it and threw this together instead.

2) Ross Purdy was previously a member of world famous sketch group “#HAMBOYS”. You might know them from their YouTube prank videos where they throw ham at people. Very clever comedy. Very meta. Deconstructing the very notion of ham comedy. Very popular with da yoof. Ross’ debut solo show will mark 50 years of doing comedy.

3) It’s the end of the world if you don’t come! It’s the end of the world if you DO come! IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD (And I Feel Fine, Or Maybe I Don’t Feel Fine, Go Pop The Show Into the Butt Of Your Face And Find Out)

4) Ross needs cash money to pay off his debt-blitating debts. he can’t afford food, and the wolves are at his door, and there’s only so much wolves he can cook and eat before he just wants to buy a sandwich or something. If this doesn’t work out, Ross is going to run away and join Fifth Harmony. Cause the pop music industry is the real circus.

5) An audience member in Adelaide called this show “nightmare comedy”, and what the gosh darn heck is funnier than a nightmare?! I once had a nightmare I was forced to think of five reasons why people should see some total losermobile’s stupid comedy show. Thank God THAT will never happen!

Apocaparty Destruct-a-thon Presented by Demente Grande Variety Hour is on at Pleasance House Comedy from April 5th – April 17th