5 Good Reasons to See Andrew Dawson & Ting Lim in “The Situation”

1. This show is the perfect East meets West combination – an Asian woman and a straight white male. Come to this show if you like your comedy honest, silly and different.

2. This show is a motivational talk for people who are lost and have messed up. You will leave feeling a whole lot better about your life.

3. Our venue is beautiful. Imagine being on the scene from Eyes Wide Shut and laughing.

4. The show is at 7.15pm. You will have enough time to have a couple of sneaky wine before heading over and you wouldn’t be home too late. Winner winner chicken dinner!

This show is part stand up, part story-telling and part observational humour. There is a bit of everything for everyone.

The Situation is on at Tasma Terrace from April 6 to 19


5 Good Reasons to see Ben Knight in Teacher

1) We’ve all been to school, and we’ve all thought it’s a bit messed up at times; everyone will relate to the message Mr K brings to light behind the laughs

2) Teacher is a fast-paced one man show that’s a whole lot of fun, and far from your run of the mill stand up hour.

3) You can probably write off attending this show as 50 minutes of professional development!

4) It’s hilarious to hear in such frank terms what teachers really think about kids, parents and the whole education system.

5) I’ll probably lose my teaching registration after this show…please come!

Teacher is on at Coopers Inn from March 25 to April 19

5 Good Reasons to see Nick Capper in Tuxedo Traveller

1) I was made to travel non-stop through 8 countries aboard planes, buses, trains, taxis, ferries, tractors, motorbikes and even a paddle steamer, all while wearing a tuxedo and top hat. It was a crazy trip, and it will make you want to plan an adventure of your own.

2) My hallmark is my crazy unruly curly hair, but Russell Howard paid me 500 pounds to complete this trip with my hair straightened. I looked like Keith Urban goes to the Opera and it was honestly distressing.

3) During the Aussie leg of my Tuxedo Traveller escapades, I was cornered on a bus by a man guzzling white wine out of old coconut water bottles. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. But lucky for you, it made for a funny story.

4) If you’ve ever wanted to try something crazy but haven’t had the guts, this show might just convince you to bite the bullet! It’s full of crazy tales, songs, and lots of terrible photos – it’s the perfect show for you if you want someone other than your run of the mill hour of stand up.

5) Top hats are a lot more expensive than I’d anticipated and I am now very broke. Please buy a ticket even if you’re not going to come.

Tuxedo Traveller is on at Coopers Inn from March 25 to April 19

5 Good Reasons to see Maddy and Jimmy and the Brick of Destiny

1. Your kids deserve a good laugh just as much as you do.

2. Just like small plastic building blocks, this show is bright and sharp.

3. Maddy and Jimmy are awesome and very funny and also married.

4. The show includes songs, building things, space travel and nerf.

5. To see this show is your Destiny (destiny … destiny … destiny …)

Maddy and Jimmy and the Brick of Destiny is on at Melbourne Town Hall from March 28 to April 12

5 Good Reasons to see Improvilicious – The Improvised Guide to Spooky Stories

1. It’s at a highly convenient location and time for a school holiday activity (Melbourne Town Hall, 2.00pm).

2. It’s scary in a good way.

3. You get to shout out audience suggestions.

4. The entire team of performers and producers is from Perth and we all have dogs.

5. It’s the only kid-friendly improvisation-based show in the Festival (improvisation without swearing or sexual references is TWICE AS IMPRESSIVE and FOUR TIMES AS FUNNY).

Improvilicious – The Improvised Guide to Spooky Stories is on at Melbourne Town Hall from March 28 to April 12

5 Good reasons to see Basic Bitchcraft

1. The Music – The coven takes the best and most well known Witch-centric songs and gives them a full girl band revamp, Including songs by Fleetwood Mac, Miley Cyrus & more.

2. The Witches – Not only are the witches talented as all hell, they are also POWERFUL beyond belief.

3. The Magic – Throughout the show you’ll learn a few little pagan spells and rituals mixed with some stage magic to help you in your day to day life.

4. The Fashion – Heavy eye liner, Gothic chokers, big pointy black nails, enough said

5. The Message – For centuries the title ‘Witch’ has been used to oppress and accuse powerful women who opposed the patriarchal way of life, this coven is here to take back that title and wear it with pride!

Basic Bitchcraft is on at The MC Showroom from April 8 to 12