5 Good Reasons to see Candice D’Arcy: Foreign Body

1. Loved District 9? Mutter “fokken prawns” cos you love the accent? Then this show is for you! In fact, you’ll learn a whole bunch of stuff about South Africa including heaps more slang to sprinkle into your vocab – lekker!

2. It’s about immigration, race and feeling foreign, but that doesn’t mean it’s not funny

3. It features one of the nichest white girl talents you’ll ever see on a theatre stage

4. A vuvuzela may or may not be blown

5. If you like comedy with a message like Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette and Michelle Brasier’s Average Bear, you will like this show!

Candice D’Arcy Performs Foreign Body at The Butterfly Club, 28 March – 3 April 7pm

5 Good Reasons To See Take 3: The Return

5. The Cast. We’re three comedians; Kru Harale, Kelly Mac and Annie Boyle, who span the generations: Young, Still Young, and Old As F*ck. Have fun guessing who’s who.

4. Viva la difference. Our comedic styles are as different as our BMIs. Kru’s the Digital Nomad, Kel’s the Slacker Grandma and Annie’s the Bush Reject. If you don’t gel with one of us, don’t worry, someone much funnier will be along soon.

3. The Highlight. Obviously, that’s when we all spontaneously crowd-surf.

2. The Venue. We think the name says it all: Caz Reitops Dirty Secrets. If that doesn’t scream ‘cocktails and dark corners’, we don’t know what does.

1. The Price. Who doesn’t love a deal? Buy a ticket to our show AND Kelly Mac: Wrong Side of 50, enter TOPDOG at checkout, and get 30% off both tix.

Take 3: The Return is on at Caz Reitops Dirty Secrets Apr 10 – 14


5 Good Reasons to See Callum Straford: Oops

1. Hi! This is Callum! I usually leave my marketing stuff in the safe hands of my marketing team, but I thought I’d give this a crack just to get the hang of it!

2. Come see my show!!! It’s at the Palais Theatre, which is an iconic venue!

3. I’ve just received word from my team that my show is in fact not at the Palais, it’s at Bard’s Apothecary. That sounds even better, as that name is even harder to pronounce. We all know that venues with the hardest names to pronounce are the best!

4. Shit – I’m already up to reason 4. I do sketch, musical and stand-up comedy. The material in Oops includes everything from a song titled ‘Things You Shouldn’t Say (If You Want To Get Laid)’ to a sketch involving a guy who is obsessed with sunscreen. What could go wrong?

5. This show is a rejection of perfectionism and a love letter to our mistakes. We leave our overly self-critical brains at the door and have the time of our lives! The show is fun, relatable and full of surprises. I might even make a few mistakes in the performance…. who nows?

Callum Straford presents Oops at Bard’s Apothecary Apr 11 – 23


5 Good Reasons to see Michele da Costa: Like a Virgo

1. You like Madonna and astrology – It’s in the title!

2. You don’t like Madonna or astrology – That’s ok, a lot of the show is not about them. Michele covers a wide range of topics from dietary requirements to murder (!). There’s even a burlesque number in it. It’s done to a Madonna song though, sorry (not sorry).

3. It’s queer friendly – and straight friendly. Michele is bi, everyone’s welcome! 😉

4. It’s 100% gluten free – granted, most shows are. But it might be the only show in the festival written and performed by someone with coeliac disease. Probably. There’s only 1% of us after all. Disclaimer: There’s no food service in this show.

5. You like virgins – Well, not in 72 of them in the afterlife kind of thing, but more in the trying things for the first time sense. This is Michele’s first time at MICF – she’s never even done a ‘split bill’ or any other type of festival show. She’s going straight to solo, baby! And if you’ve ever wondered if it’s too late to start following a dream in your 40s, this is your chance to find out!

Michele da Costa performs Like a Virgo at Club Voltaire Mar 30 – 13 Apr


5 Good Reasons To See Anthony Locascio’s Don’t Call Me A Wog!

1 Anthony Locascio is a pretty funny dude; he had two SOLD OUT runs at the Sydney Comedy Festival, was invited to perform in the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala in 2021 at Enmore Theatre, and a two-time NSW Raw State Finalist. He also has a special on Amazon and Apple TV (go check it out) This is his first national tour!

2 This show is the story of Anthony’s complex relationship with his Greek/Italian roots; it shows how a person’s relationship with their cultural background is unique, personal, and a fundamentally ‘relatably unrelatable’ experience. It is for ALL Australians, not just those whose parents/grandparents sailed from the Mediterranean.

3 Its not what you think it is. This show is using the word ‘Wog’ in its branding shamelessly, to attract a large number of Italians and Greeks, but is unlike any ‘ethnic comedy show’ you’ve ever seen. No stereotypes, no in-jokes, just pure self-deprecating stories from a guy who’s felt imposter syndrome in every group he’s been in.

4 This isn’t just a man with a mic and opinions (though they’re all there too); this show has a lot of props, music, poetry, cool light stuff, and a slideshow with plenty of embarrassing photos and videos. It’s a fun show.

5 Because, by virtue of reading this far, you get a discount code. Type LOCASH at checkout. Follow Anthony on Instagram @anthony.locash to find out what the code means, and SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!

Anthony Locascio performs Don’t Call Me A Wog! at Club Voltaire Apr 10 – 24


5 Good Reasons to See The Late Nite PowerPoint Comedy Showcase

1. This show will be a first-of-its-kind at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Witness history in the making.

2. The absolutely stacked lineup will feature comedians from MICF’s The Gala & Allstars Supershow as well as Melbourne Comedy Festival award nominees & Melbourne Fringe award winners.

3. It will be MC’d by Melbourne comedians Sweeney Preston and Ethan Cavanagh who intend to ‘wipe’, ‘swivel’ and ‘random bars’ their way into your hearts.

4. The show will be performed at Melbourne’s famous Trades Hall in response to both Sweeney and Ethan’s parents pleading with them to both learn a trade.

5. A picture says a thousand words, and with more slides than Wet’n’Wild, The Late Nite PowerPoint Comedy Showcase offers more words per dollar than any other show in the Festival.

The Late Nite PowerPoint Comedy Showcase is on at Trades Hall Fridays & Saturdays at 10pm Apr 8 – 23