5 Good Reasons to see Erotic Intelligence for Dummies

1. I guarantee you’ll never look at your old cuddly toys the same way again.

2. Monogamy is soooo last century, multi-love is what all the cool, trendy kids are doing! Well… maybe not the kids, that would be wrong… you know what I mean.

3. I promise I’ll touch you and make you feel things you never thought were possible (within a theatrical setting)

4. You may get to go on the biggest most inclusive date of your entire life and meet the love of your life, and that love might be me – but everyone else in the audience might feel the same way… so things could get complicated… but we’ll work it out, because we’re consenting, consensual adults!

5. Because sex is natural, sex is good, not everybody’s doing it, but everybody should.

Erotic Intelligence for Dummies is on at Arts House – Underground from September 16 to 22


5 Good Reasons to see The Travelling Sisters in NOO SHO!

1. We play our own mothers, which is very new and very weird, and very fun. In the show they are lollipop ladies with tiny stop signs.

2. There is the most epic mini 80s musical about a queer teen romance you will see this Fringe.

3. We dress up as mushrooms and the costumes are very good.

4. We were nominated for Best Newcomer at Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April and this will be our first time not being ‘new’ in Melbourne.

5. We love performing as much as we love each other – which is a lot – and we’d love to meet you.

NOO SHO! is on at Lithuanian Club – The Loft and Arts House – Underground from September 15 tp 23


5 Good Reasons to see Hannah Camilleri in Vision Statement

1. I’m fresh from studying under Philippe Gaulier and have bundles of optimism to share with you

2. I’ll be introducing you to relatable ringleaders!

3. Im completely playful, silly and ridiculous but there exists notes of nuance; en pointe enactments of existing experts

4. My show is Directed by the hilarious and super talented Tom Halls (in How To Kill The Queen Of Pop at fringe Hub) who teases out the ridiculous and invites it to stay!!

5. Do you have an affinity with Cruella De Ville, Ursula, The Grand High Witch, The White Witch (BBC’s The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe), Big Business (1998 film starring Bette Midler), James Bond, Indiana Jones or Miranda Priestly? They’re great 😉

Vision Statement is on at Club Voltaire from September 15 to 24


5 Good Reasons to see Luke Bell in “Can You Handle This? I Don’t Think You Can Handle This”

1. This may well be the only chance you’ll get to see a classically-trained opera singer sing Lee Kernaghan’s ‘Boys from the Bush’

2. I grew up in a country-town with 2 step-dads who both found me too feminine. Now, I’m performing my first cabaret singing hits from Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Gerri Halliwell. So, I showed them!

3. I’ve been a pirate, a jester and a Lord High Executioner but this time I’m playing…me.

4. It’s 5.30pm on a Tuesday – what else is there to do! Grab an after-work drink and enjoy some puns and innuendo.

5. Any excuse to enjoy the kitsch-wonderland of that is the groovy Butterfly Club space in the CBD.

Can You Handle This? I Don’t Think You Can Handle This is on at The Butterfly Club from September 12 to 17