5 Good Reasons to See – Victoria Healy’s Anatomy

After her successful show Independent Women Pt 2, which explored the girl power anthems of her generation, Victoria Healy has written a brand new show exploring things from deep inside her, and all of us.

1. You will laugh! Just check out some of these jokes that didn’t make the cut!
Cut Anatomy Joke

2. You will learn something! I promise. I’ve spent the last 3 months researching the human body, and it’s been a challenge because I am very squeamish. Just check out this video of me watching a medical doco.


Vic watches Inside the Human Body

3. You will be entertained! What’s not entertaining about blood, tendons, secretions, bone marrow, connective tissue and cartilage?

4. You will have a top night out! The Portland have a great menu and huge selection of beer. And we all know the formula: Beer + Comedy = Super-Happy-Fun-Times.

5. You will get a free magnet! A free magnet is guaranteed to all people who book tickets. Yay, free stuff.

For tickets and information about Victoria Healy’s Anatomy go to the Melbourne Fringe website http://www.melbournefringe.com.au/fringe-festival/show/victoria-healy-s-anatomy/

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012

By Lisa Clark

The days are getting longer and warmer and its time to come out of winter hibernation and spring into Melbourne Fringe Festival. The comedy section is the biggest category in the programme, but its important not to ignore the comedy related shows in the other categories such as Lisa-Skye’s talk show Art, Sex and Snacks. in the Special Events section, Geraldine Quinn’s The Piano Has Been Drinking in the Cabaret section, Die Roten Punkte’s Battle Royal in the Circus section and Diana Nguyen (from the fabulous Phi & Me) in 5 Ways to Disappoint Your Vietnamese Mother in the performance section and there are plenty of others to discover.

It’s always exciting to get a chance of catching up with Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows you might have missed, esp if they were sold out. This year you can catch up with the Barry Award winning Dr Brown: Befrdfgth, Damian Callinan’s The Merger, RAW and Golden Gibbo winners Lessons with Luis – Luis Presents: Kidney Kingdom, Neil Sinclair in Panic, Best Newcomer at MICF Tegan Higginbotham in Million Dollar Tegan and Truth by Slow Clap.

There are also brand new shows from established comedians and unknowns entering the fray, doing comedy in all sorts of styles and genres with the odd intriguing entry like musician Pinky Beecroft doing a stand up show called Mainstream Freak.

Although the festival has already begun there are a lot of comedy shows beginning this week. Most have only short runs, though, so get in quick.

Information about all things Melbourne Fringe can be found at their website http://www.melbournefringe.com.au