5 Good Reasons to see Moon and Keeth: This is your (shit) life

1 You will realise your life may not be as shit as you think.

2 Moon and Keeth only have 4 friends. 2 of those are serving jail terms. They need more friends.

3 Their diet will not improve significantly unless they earn some money.

4 You will receive free advice on how to live a normal life without actually working.

5 Your fears that people from Manchester are indeed shameless, will be confirmed.

Sharon Heywood & Amir Rahimzadeh perform Moon and Keeth: This is your (shit) life is on at Club Voltaire and The Motley Bauhaus


5 Good Reasons to See Matt Harvey: Wage Against the Machine

1. You hate or hated your job.

I see you with resting “kill me” face behind the counter. This show is for you. Your work will never come through for you, but this show will give you furious catharsis.

2. You are in this show.

Yes… you. Sure, the stories are about Matt Harvey and his experiences, but you are in this show. It is all about you. That horrible job you worked, that terrible boss who micromanaged you, the flaws and failings of the social safety net that is Centrelink – the show was about you the whole time.

3. You like the name.

You might not know who this Matt Harvey guy is but that is a fantastic show name. 90% of seeing an unknown show is a good show name. It tells you everything you need to know, plus with jokes! Use the jokes to bring a friend over to the revolution.

4. It’s Sorry to Bother You meets Office Space as a one-man rant. With jokes.

The burning heart at the centre of the show is a fury at the inequity and exploitation of the worker, plus with jokes! Make a union of friends and come down and see the show that is minimum wage maximum grief, where the customer is always wrong.

5. Matt writes for The Shot and The Shovel.

Seeing someone you don’t know is tough, especially for social and political commentary. But Matt has work all over the internet! He wrote a piece about the extensive history of cutting back on environmental spending from The Liberal Party (with jokes) for The Shot and has written a lot for satirical outlet The Shovel. You’ve seen, liked, and shared Matt’s work, now do it in person!

Matt Harvey performs Wage Against the Machine at Heroes Bar Thurs – Sat Mar 31 – Apr 23

5 Good Reasons to see Ellen Marning’s Shticky Business

1. You’re hungry for some absurd financial sketch comedy action. The perfect bridge between comedy and biz-ness.

2. You’re keen to see a Lobster finally fulfill their life-long passion as an artist after years of major job dissatisfaction.

3. You want exclusive insight into the Art of Selling from debauched and high-octane corporate pioneer, Jolene O’Byrne.

4. Robert Downie’s sound design. He’s a verified musical wizard and he’s created in-cred-i-ble bangers *chef’s kiss that you will not want to miss.

5. With big cheques and even bigger hair, what’s not to like?

Shticky Business by Ellen Marning is on at Storyville Melbourne 29 March – 10 April.
Tickets Available Here:


5 Good Reasons To See Kelly Mac: Wrong Side of 50

5. No dick jokes. The absence of the beloved dick joke has nothing to do with respect for my husband and everything to do with boredom. This is what happens when you start having sex at 17, get married at 21 and don’t die.

4. What message? I do jokes and storytelling, both from the perspective of a cynical Gen Xer. If you’re looking for messages of redemption or hope, go see Anthony Robbins or [insert name of very successful Oz female comedian here].

3. Hey gang, we can put on the show in the backyard! You get to be part of the creative process. This show will have had precisely one performance before being laid at the feet of you, some of the most sophisticated stand-up audiences in Australia. Believe me, this wasn’t the plan. The plan was to polish it on the fringe festival circuit. First Sydney. Cancelled. Then Melbourne. Border closure. Don’t worry, there’s Adelaide! I get Covid. So, no eye rolls if you see me reaching for my notes. We’re in this together as I shape this elephant into a tour-ready whippet.

2. Something for everyone. What can I say, I’m a people pleaser. Don’t let the title fool you. Whether it’s pop culture or dry vaginas, everyone gets a slice of fairy bread.

1. The Price. If you don’t love a deal you should be stripped of your citizenship. Cue the promocodes. Enter KELLYMAC at checkout to get $10 tix to the preview shows. Buy a ticket to my show AND “Take 3: The Return”, enter TOPDOG, and get 30% off both tix. Oh, and if you’re the ultimate dealer, hit up Promotix for the freebies. Naturally, if you decide to support the arts and pay full price, your name will be immediately entered into The Book of Nice People.

Kelly Mac: Wrong Side of 50 is on at Lantern Lounge Upstairs, Caz Reitops Dirty Secrets Apr 1 – 14 


5 Good Reasons to See Sarah Gaul: Wife

1. The show is a cool 55 minutes of not just comedy but MUSICAL comedy (I sing and play the piano live) so there’s something for everyone. You could even bring your shi**y ex-boyfriend, he might not laugh but he might learn something.

2. he show has received rave reviews including four stars at the Adelaide Fringe. One reviewer said it was ‘blisteringly funny’ (I accept no responsibility for side effects such as blisters but I do accept thank you cards. Seriously get in touch)

3. I’ve recorded a studio album of the show and it’s for sale after the show, so you can be one of the first to own and listen to the album. I reckon it’s pretty easy to pirate too so you can probably share it with your friends…or just buy multiple albums to support me buying $40 brunches every day in Melbourne (I always add haloumi). I will mention you in my Grammy acceptance speech I promise.

4. The show is a PERFECT date night. Not only is there minimal audience interaction, but the venue is close to great restaurants and bars in the city, and If you’re dating a man named Ethan, Dan or Sam who rockclimbs and uses the word ‘banter’, we’ll all find out together if they can laugh at themselves.

5. I attended acting school in Melbourne before dropping out to do comedy (a famously much more lucrative career than acting) so it’s a great opportunity to see me return to my old stomping ground in a screaming blaze of victory. I keep referring to hip spots that I’m told are no longer hip or are now high rise apartments (if vegie bar has gone I’m literally turning around and flying home)

Sarah Gaul performs Wife at Bard’s Apothecary March 3 – April 10  at https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2022/shows/wife

5 Good Reasons to See Suren Jayemanne: Industry Darling Adjacent

1. The show is at the Westin and that means you’re guaranteed to see something rated 5 stars!

2. What are you gonna stay home and watch 10 Peach all day? Why do they call it that anyway? Besides, stone fruits will be out of season by Comedy Festival!

3. If all goes to plan, Industry Darling Adjacent could be your last chance to see me before it’s just Industry Darling (in a bizarre twist of fate, this relies heavily on you coming to the show)

4. I’m a Sri Lankan Australian who used to be an accountant that now does comedy (and therefore Australia’s 3rd most successful Sri Lankan Australian who used to be an accountant that now does comedy)

5. I’m Australia’s very first CARBON NEUTRAL comedian. Carbon, I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it

**clearly this is just a gag. How do you feel about carbon? Really? Me too!

Suren Jayemanne performs Industry Darling Adjacent at The Westin March 31 – April 10