Adele Cliff: In the Dark

By Ron Bingham

While Adele’s show this year was fun and entertaining, in some way I felt disappointed as she only gave us a couple of appalling puns during the hour.

Adele was the UK Pun Champion of 2020, so her punning is legend. She also proves to be a fine storyteller and this year she had some entertaining tales about her share-house living in London, her parents (especially her movie obsessed mum) and living as a single socially awkward nerd who hates reading emails.

It was an enjoyable hour from Adele who, despite her protestations about being an awkward loner, has excellent delivery and knows how to keep an audience enthralled in her tales of woe. A highlight of tonight’s show was when she was talking about her mum’s breast cancer, explaining that, for those needing a prosthetic breast after surgery, there is a Book of Nipples, one gent in the audience was a bit too enthusiastic in asking where he could get a copy.  Adele also had a very funny finale, possibly involving some strategically mounted death lasers, maybe.

The venue is a low wide room with pillars, backless stools for seating and requires careful thought in choosing a seat where you can see the stage. Of course, it’s all ruined when that really tall bloke comes in just before the start of the show and sits in the front row, but that’s the fun of The Fringe….

In the Dark is on at Just the Tonic at The Tron

Adele Cliff : Undershare

By Ron Bingham

Undershare is definitely a show for lovers of puns, especially those interwoven artfully into a story about love and sharing. Adele Cliff Loves a pun and she puns about love.

Adele is great at the one-liner, but is also a brilliant and hilarious storyteller and  shares with us tales of her past relationships, her parents and her little sister. She weaves the threads of her friends and family into a fascinating story with a surprising conclusion. There is also her boyfriend and his accusation that she does not share.

The problem with being a punmeister is that the jokes almost never result in consistent, huge laughs throughout. It can be difficult to gauge the audience’s feelings until the sustained applause at the end of the show. Using this metric I gauged that this almost full house on day two of Fringe really enjoyed the show as much as I did.

This is a very entertaining and fun hour of anecdotes and jokes by a witty performer. Book a ticket now if you’re a lover of wordplay.

Undershare is on at Just the Tonic at The Tron until August 25

Adele Cliff – Sheep

By Ron Bingham

Up and coming comedian Adele Cliff is the oldest of three girls, from Cambridge, extremely competitive, hugely talented and was once compared to a sheep (Aha!).

Sheep details significant moments in Adele’s life, why she is the best in her family despite not being the highest achiever, but mostly why she is (or is not) like a sheep. Adele’s comedy is witty, smart and engaging, and includes a significant number of puns (which means it’s brilliant or terrible, depending on how you feel about this art form).

Adele talks about her biology degree and how she was a regional champion at diving (until her younger sisters came along and went one better), how the primary school playground can be a battlefield where the ones left behind often become traitors, and that herding one sheep is easy, but five…..

This was an absolute delight of a show, with Adele being a pleasant, friendly and smart comedian, with a lateral twist for some truly appalling puns. She has clearly been working her butt off at stand up and has put together an impressive, tight hour of laughs. The room may be a little whiffy (it IS in a cave despite the pretty curtains and fairy lights), but the show is a delight from start to finish. You have the option of buying a ticket or adding a donation at the end of the show.

Sheep is on at Just the Tonic at The Caves until August 26