Alice Devlin – Extra-Curricular

By Ron Bingham
Alice Devlin

North Londoner Alice has reached a crossroads in her life. Should she stick with a job she hates? (that brings in money for food and rent) or should she use one of her “special” skills and attempt to forge a career doing something she loves?

This show is meant to help her decide, with the help of the audience (there is only a little voluntary audience participation). We get to see some of Alice’s skills, which include dancing (ballet and tap), juggling, playing a musical instrument, hula-hoop, mime, an unconvincing Australian accent, hosting a radio show and so much more. If you’re lucky you may even receive a totally imaginary cup of your favourite coffee.

The show is rated 14+ but there is nothing of an offensive nature (and the first girl in the audience Alice spoke to was 13). The show starts at 11.40 and is a lovely way to start the day, as Alice keeps the pace well, there are a lot of very funny moments, and you even get a bit of dancing.

Extra-Curricular is on at Just the Tonic at The Mash House until August 27