5 Good Reasons to see Andy Balloch: My Comedy Festival Show

1. If you like super silly nonsense mixed with a crumbling psyche, and lots of real emotion, this is the show for you!

2. For part of the show, I’m a velociraptor, and velociraptors are cool, so that means I’m cool, OK MUM?! GET OFF MY BACK! JEEZE.

3. It’s directed by the INCREDIBLE Wes Snelling, who normally directs shows like Judith Lucy and Denise Scott’s show at The Arts Center, but due to a gypsy curse, has been tricked into directing this one.

4. If you don’t, they’ll win.

5. I did a dodgy deal with a gypsy and now I owe her a LOT of money. I offered her my soul, but she laughed for an uncomfortably long amount of time, before staring at me stony faced and simply saying “money”.

Andy Balloch performs My Comedy Festival Show at The Croft Institute, March 28 – April 9


Dan Pavatich – #1 Ninja

By Elyce Phillips  1 Ninja Dan Pavatich

In #1 Ninja, Dan Pavatich helps you achieve your goals through the power and strategies of the ninja way. Sort of. It’s part self-help, part sketch and all very, very silly. Pavatich is ably assisted by Ivy Latimer and Andy Balloch, who each perform a variation of Pavatich’s #1 Ninja self-help seminar, as well as a bagful of characters.

#1 Ninja feels like a show that’s still finding its feet. The conceit of the self-help seminar was a lot of fun, but the sketches that were interspersed between these bits didn’t always gel.  Some of the sketches were thematically disjointed, like a sketch about The X Files that went on a little too long. Others felt tonally out of place. A sketch about a boy’s weekend near the start of the show, for instance, went to a dark place without enough laughs to bring it back up. But having said that, there is a lot to like about #1 Ninja. Even though they didn’t quite work as a whole, taken individually, there were laughs to be had in every sketch.

There was some very clever repetition throughout the show, playing with the theme of each of the three self-help gurus within the framework of a set of re-used sketches. All three performers had moments to shine. Pavatich was at his best when the ninja mask was off, pulling painfully awkward faces on the deck of the Titanic. Latimer deftly portrayed a diverse range of characters, from a frighteningly perky TV co-host to a gruff and sweary office worker. Balloch was incredibly versatile, proving to be just as adept at playing serious moments convincingly as he was at playing up comedic moments for all they had.

#1 Ninja has the bones of a really strong show, and performers with enough talent to deliver it. With a little tightening and finessing, it could definitely be something great.

Dan Pavatich – #1 Ninja is on at the Improv Conspiracy Office Space until April 17


5 good reasons to see #1 NINJA

1. Shopping tips: How would you like to save 100% on mid-to-low tier fashion brands? A lot, good! Come on down and learn our secrets.

2. You are addicted to cream, collect used aerosols and/or hunger for play. You need help! Can’t you see that? Come on down, let us heal you.

3. You work in an office environment and spend most of your time camouflaged to avoid detection. You sound pretty advanced, let’s take you to the next level!

4. You have strong feelings about Life Coaches and/or Ninjas. 100% of you will love this show.

5. You are a direct blood relative of Dan Pavatich, Ivy Latimer or Andy Balloch, and are therefore obligated to attend (that means you Dad!).

Dan Pavatich, Ivy Latimer & Andy Balloch are performing #1 NINJA at The Improv Conspiracy Thur – Fri throughout the Festival

For more information see the MICF website: