Melbourne International Comedy Festival Awards 2015

Well what an amazing Festival it’s been this year. So many shows were on offer (over 500) that it took longer for the Award Committee to get their Nominations ready for announcement. So many we could only touch the surface in our reviews. We try to cover a broad range with a focus on smaller local acts. We’ve all seen a lot of shows and every one of us has put in a lot of voluntary¬†work. We do it for love. Because we are fans of comedy and we want to share our love.

Thanks to the Squirrel Team, to the Melbourne International Festival team for giving Melbourne one of the best Festivals in the world and to the performers who give their hearts and souls to entertain people and bring us joy in many varied and amazing ways.

Awards are difficult. If the Melbourne International Comedy Festival has taught us anything it’s that there are Many different ways to make us laugh; from improvised silent clowning to Musical Comedy supported by a symphony orchestra at Hamer Hall to a solo wordsmith in a spotlight¬†with nothing but their words. How can you say one performer is better than another? Yet it feels¬†good to celebrate excellence and give performers something to aim for.

Honestly any comedian who performed all of their shows and feels good about them and the majority of their audiences is a success. Bravo!

Just a note to let you know that The People’s Choice Award this year was not a vote, as such. It went to the comedian who sold the most tickets.

Our Warmest Congratulations to:

Barry Award (Best Comedy Performer) Winner: Sam Simmons –¬†Spaghetti For BreakfastLaura Davis Ghost

Golden Gibbo Award (Independant & Creative show) Winner: Laura Davis РGhost machine

Piece of Wood (Peer Voted – Comedian’s Choice):¬†Anne Edmonds You Know What I’m Like!

Director’s Choice Award winner:¬†Matt Okine¬† – The Other Guy

Peoples choice: Wil Anderson – Free Wil

Funny Tonne (Audience Member seeing the most [over 100] shows): Sarah Trevarthen

And previously announced:

Class Clowns (Teen competition) Winner:  Will Mckenna (14) from Eltham College (VIC)

RAW Comedy (Newcomer competition) Winner: Angus Gordon (QLD), Runner Up: Rohan Ganju (Vic) Special Mentions: Sam Taunton (Vic) & Jess Perkins (Vic)

Deadly Funny National Final Winner: Nina Kirby  (VIC)

The Deadly Mentorship Award Winner: Karen Edwards (QLD)

5 good reasons to see Gold Jacket Comedy with Aaron Gocs and Angus Gordon.

1. When Aaron and I started doing comedy together we both agreed that we didn’t want to be involved in gimmicks or marketing tricks. We thought quality stand up should be able to speak for itself. This is our first MICF show together. We’ve worked hard on it and think it is a good prouduct. We’ll also be wearing sequinned gold jackets. Come watch our ideals be compromised in the face of reality.

2. I think Aaron is one of the most exciting stand up in Australia. Unkown comedians often list their influences to give persepctive audicences an idea of what they’re like. Aaron is a true original. Nobody else in comedy is like him. I can only describe him as Homer Simpson if he was forced to endure a life Frank Grimes considered fair.

3. I’m (Angus Gordon) also in the show.

4. Aaron will probbaly bring snacks to share. On his facebook he eats meals requested by his fans. I can’t explain why it’s great but it is. This is a link to his page

5. Aaron is a cab driver so he could probably give you a lift home.

Gold Jacket Comedy is on at Spleen Bar.
For more information and bookings and bookings vist the website: