Dr Jason Leong You Stupid or What?!

By Colin Flaherty

Dr Jason Leong is a rising superstar of the Malaysian comedy scene. That’s what his self-penned bio says and the sold out audiences he has played to so far on this run of shows will concur. He delivers solid, crowd pleasing observational humour that has everyone in fits of laughter.

His Chinese Malaysian background arms him with an interesting comedic outlook. We get the requisite view of Australia from a foreigner’s view which is charming but this is just a small part of the show. His amusing stories such as those about judgemental in-laws and traditional beliefs are closely tied to his culture and use some localized terms. Expats will instantly relate to these while he keeps the themes universal so everyone gets the gist.

He also gets a lot of comedic mileage from his career as a doctor. Not only do we get tales from the wards and his misadventures, he gives us medically accurate routines that stop just short of being graphic. A brilliant comedic lecture comparing men and women’s pain thresholds is both educational and hilarious.

Leong does mock outrage perfectly as he complains about others behaving or speaking in ways he finds abhorrent. Combined with an amusing mix of superiority, comic aggression and humility, he gets plenty of laughs from taking the higher moral ground while letting slip his same behaviour as the accused. Addressing us in a rather blunt manner and expressing some quite dark thoughts magnifies the hilarious hypocrisies and has us laughing both at and with this lovable nick-picker.

He has certainly built up a considerable Australian audience following previous visits as part of group shows and they have been out in force this year. With fans having photos taken with Leong after the show, he has already attained rock star status. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, check him out ASAP. You won’t regret it.

You Stupid or What?! is on at The Coopers Malthouse, Merlyn Theatre until April 22