Britney in John

By Ron Bingham
Britney In

Britney is a duo consisting of Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson and, just to make things a little more confusing, they are performing a show called John. This caused more than a little confusion at the box office.

The show is about a journey our two intrepid comedians made six years ago when, freshly out of high school, they decided to travel round the USA meeting as many people named John Hancock for a film looking at the average US man. The most famous John Hancock was the first signatory of the US declaration of independence back in 1776 (the reason the chose this name, of course). It’s also the name of a nationwide US insurance company, which caused  no end of trouble when Googling to find suitable interview subjects.

Charly and Ellen give us a commentary and critique of various scenes from their film, as well as acting out a number of sketches based of situations they encountered on their journey. They have an excellent on-stage rapport and there are a lot of laugh out loud moments both on the stage and on the screen. There is a touching final moment which rounds off the show to a satisfying conclusion. Highly recommended. Definitely a couple of comedians to watch out for, as they have heaps of potential. A little swearing and some saucy prison acting, but it should be fine for most people.

John is on at Bedlam Theatre until August 28