5 Good Reasons to see 3 States of Comedy: Reinstated

1.The well reviewed, sell out smash of the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival returns with mate vs mate, state vs state in this Comedy State of Origin.

2. Two new players will try to knock Geoff Setty (WA) off his victorious perch with Becky Steepe (QLD) and Danny Stinson (VIC) trying to claim the crown.

3. With its 6PM starting time, it’s the perfect show to start your evening.

4. The Grand Mercure hotel is a short walk down the road from the Town Hall providing easy access, snacks and beverages.

5. 3 different styles, 3 different comedians, 3 great jokemakers, the audience wins.

3 States of Comedy Reinstated is on at At the Grand Mercure from April 5 to April 17.

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Tickets are here: https://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=171182


Line By Line

By Colin Flaherty

side by side
Line By Line pretty much did what it says on the tin – two comedians stood on stage and alternated in telling one liners and short jokes. The result was an entertaining half hour of silliness.

For the most part the jokes followed no rhyme nor reason in their ordering and covered a plethora of topics, although the duo had a penchant for gags about sex and violence (though not in the same sentence!). They ranged from clever to stupid, wordplay to absurd, puns to Dangerfield-esque quips. Occasional they created a run of gags on a particular topic but for the most part a scattergun approach was used.

While he had some great material in his arsenal, Rohan Ganju’s delivery of his material was appalling. His time on stage consisted of shuffling through a huge pile of cards to select his next gag and reading it verbatim in the most uninterested manner imaginable. Perhaps this slacker persona was deadpan shtick (there nothing that could be construed as a wink to the audience, just a numbness) but for someone advertising that he was a runner up in Raw Comedy, I would expect just a hint of professionalism.

Geoff Setty on the other hand had a wonderful stage persona displaying plenty of enthusiasm and wonderful timing. Even though he resorted to a set list half way through, he recited his jokes from memory and sold them hard regardless of their worthiness. Setty was the main instigator of banter between this pair and was quick to offer up a witty aside and cleverly deal with a few late-comers entering the tiny venue.

Overall they were a curious odd couple that kinda worked in this ramshackle world that they had created. Setty did the majority of the audience engagment while Ganju was in his own little world and became the butt of some gentle humorous insults. It was cute when each declared that they had run out of jokes towards the end of their time but there was also the sneaking suspicion that they actually had and were indeed this poorly prepared. If you’re looking for a slick fringe show, you’re probably in the wrong place.

Although this was a fun and silly distraction before a big Saturday night at the Fringe, it remains to be seen if people are prepared to pay a premium for such a slight show. Its short running time ensures this duo doesn’t outstay their welcome but you could probably get the same experience of scruffy stand up comedians telling one-liners at any one of this city’s many weekday rooms for half the price.

Line By Line is on at the Courthouse Hotel until October 3rd


5 Good reasons to see Line by Line

1. Rohan Ganju and Geoff Setty present a unique funny show offering one liner after one liner. Alternating at times and really trying to make each other laugh.

2. The fun happens when the wheels fall off and the audience don’t laugh as much as we’d like. That’s when the duo go ‘to town’ on each other.

3. The one liners offer a mixture of popular culture references, black comedy and ridiculous puns.

4. Bouncing off each other like squash-balls in a small oven, Ganju and Setty offer an exclusive show each time its performed – with different one liners, different reactions and different audiences.

5. Ganju was the Runner-up in Raw Comedy 2015 and Setty has been described as ‘definitely on the up and up’ – Squirrel Comedy MICF review,  so they aren’t going to be entirely crap.

Line by Line is on at at the Courthouse Hotel on Saturday 19 Sept, 26 Sept and 3rd Oct



3 States of Comedy

By Hannah Frazer3 States of Comedy

The fight between Melbourne and Sydney for best Aussie city is definitely one for the ages. But Geoff Setty, Gabe Hogan and Evan Hocking have amped things up a notch, by fighting for the Title of Best State. Who will take out the honour? And who will admit defeat?

Splitting the show into 3 stand up sets, each comedian getting a chance to show case their goods. Starting the night off was Hogan representing NSW. A cheeky and immediately likeable dog groomer by day, joke teller by night, she hit the night off running with some great one liners and personal anecdotes. While some of her jokes may fall short of a laugh, they are well constructed. With nerves showing a little, she still had a great handle over the audience.

Setty playing for his home state of WA takes you in to slightly darker territory with his material, shooting out some great ones liners, one after another, he is daring and bold with his material. He has a great commanding and confident presence. You feel like even though a few of his jokes slightly miss the mark with some of the audience, this is someone defiantly on the up and up.

Finally Hocking bringing it home for Victoria. Self-deprecating and relatable. Hocking tells stories of his childhood and relationships with his family in a well-constructed and well-rounded set. Hocking’s friendly and down to earth persona making him a hit with the audience.  The laughs come from deep in the belly with this guy.

Although these 3 aren’t big names in the game just yet, they are what will get you excited about the future of Aussie comedy. By the end you don’t really mind who takes out the title. Spending the evening with these kind and funny humans, let’s be honest, everyone goes home a winner.

3 States of Comedy is on at the Downstairs Lounge of the Grand Mecure Hotel until April 19


5 Good Reasons to see 3 States of Comedy.

1. Offering 3 different comedians from 3 different States with 3 Different styles. 3 States of Comedy is an ideal way to start your evening at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Gabe Hogan offers her unique point of view, former footballer Evan Hocking gives an insight into his family life growing up and Geoff Setty’s jokes hit you right between the eyes with rapid fire punchlines and concepts.

2. 3 States of Comedy is like a delicious three course meal served up for your senses. And if you don’t like one course, the next one comes along in just fifteen minutes.

3. At the start time of 6PM, this is a great way to get your comedy juices flowing before checking out your recognised favourites and international acts. This twenty seat room offers an intimate setting to see these three fight out this Comedy “State of Origin”.

4. Evan needs to find another way to get the adrenaline flowing since his footy career went down the tubes. Hopefully his body can hold up to the rigours of 12 action packed shows in 13 nights. Recovery is going to be the key.

5. It’s an hour out of your life and well worth the punt and if they don’t get a decent crowd their families will keep asking if they’re ever going to get over “this comedy thing”, or are they going to get ‘real jobs’.

3 States of Comedy is on at The Downstairs Lounge @ The Grand Mercure Hotel

For Bookings and information check the MICF website


Five Good Reasons to See Interesting Parties.

1 –          Kevin Lim and Geoff Setty are both making a large impact in the Melbourne Comedy Scene. Kevin with a slice of life look at being Australian in the 21st Century, Geoff Setty tells jokes.

2 –          Kevin Lim and Geoff Setty both have audiences laughing while thinking.

3 –          Special guests will be crashing the party on a nightly basis, with the cream of Melbourne’s considerable crop of comedians already agreeing appear.

4 –          With an early start (6PM) Interesting Parties is a great way to kick off a night on the town – unless you’re too tired from laughing too hard.

5 –          Foot massages can be requested with additional fees, in fact both Kevin and Geoff like a good foot massage. Oh and Kevin is a hatstand and Geoff is a bowl of kiwi fruit.


Interesting Parties by Kevin Lim and Geoff Setty is on at The Provincial Hotel

Tickets and information can be found at the Fringe website http://www.melbournefringe.com.au/fringe-festival/show/kevin-lim-and-geoff-setty-are-interesting-parties/#