Live Podcast Recordings at Melbourne International Comedy Festival or PODFEST 2015

By Lisa Clark

There are many comedians performing at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival who have popular podcasts. Some of those popular podcasts will be recorded live in front of an audience at this year’s Festival.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is calling it Podfest 2015 in the guide .

Here we present a comprehensive list of live recordings of Podcasts that we know of taking place at this years Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

First there is a link to bookings for the Live recording (many of which are sold or selling out fast)

The second link is to the podcast website itself. If you cant be there in person; you can listen!

CJ Delling Under The News Desk on Tuesdays

What never makes it to the news desk? Comedian and SBS Radio satirist CJ Delling unearths the week’s topical news stories found under a reputable, and imaginary, TV news desk.


David tulk & Jamie McCarney – Full of it: The True or False Game Show

A comedy quiz show, with one contestant, where one man tries to convince another that the truth is out there. We’re just not sure where!


Greg Behrendt & Dave Anthony- Walking the Room

“Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony reunite after 25 years (or perhaps a bit less) to bring their podcast live to Melbourne.”


I love Green Guide Letters with Steele Saunders

Steele brings on fabulous guests from Comedy and TV to discuss reader’s letters to the (green) TV guide in The Age Newspaper.


Jen Kirkman I Seem Fun (Live Recording)

Usually talking into a microphone in a room by herself…


Lisa-Skye’s Lovely Tea Party

Lisa records her naughty Tea Parties and puts them out as podcasts during Festivals


Spark! How ‘bout This?

The guys from one of Australia’s favourite improv groups, Spark! get together and talk about the things, all of the things, mostly the ridiculous things.


Steele Wars: Live Star Wars Chat

Previously called This is Not the Pod You Are Looking for, Steele Saunders has streamlined the name to “Steele Wars“, but it remains a podcast where Star Wars fans can get together and chat about Steele’s obsession with the Star Wars Universe.


The Dollop With Dave Anthony & Gareth Reynolds

The live show on April 18th at The Comics Lounge is SOLD OUT.


The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy Dassalo and Karl Chandler Live!

Two top dickheads chatting to other comedians  about fast food and other things.


The Shelf Podcast Show

Adam Richard and Justin Hamilton catch up with each other and some comedian friends.

Also there is also bound to be a surprise Fofop / Walk In the Room mash-up/pop-up show at some point.

Keep your eyes on their websites and ears on their podcasts.

Meanwhile during the festival you can checkout the Comedy Festival Fan podcast MICF Daily Where Mike Brown talks to many comedians and various people involved with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with the addition of daily news and information about the Festival.

CockBagg Magicians: D’illusional

By Colin Flaherty

Gentleman actors Maurice Cock and Belvedere Bagg (played by Melbourne comedy stalwarts Ged Cogley and Jamie McCarney) return to the stage with their latest endeavour – the are now the world’s greatest magicians! Making an hour of our life disappear, they fumbled their way through all manner of unrealistic illusions while regaling us with their renowned bawdy repartee.

As you would expect from a Cockbagg performance, there was plenty of toilet humour and lots of innuendo, so much so that you could say that the show had homoerotic overtones. Their wonderfully delusional personas got an even bigger workout with the addition of magic stunts. The duo had to cope with dodgy looking tricks (with equally dodgy props) and hilarious trick failures while comically struggling to maintain the façade of being in control. Their woeful attempts to cover their shortcomings were dealt with in clever and amusing ways. They may not have been up to a Tommy Cooper level of comedic magic but their bumbling through the hour was a joy to behold.

Magic shows generally involve some form of audience participation and this was no exception. “Volunteers” were used in illusions involving mind reading and card manipulation but there was a lot less dragging people up onto the stage than you would expect. One did involve some embarrassing personal space violation but generally the performers were the butt of the joke. In this case, the major role of the audience was to massage their egos by applauding at every opportunity.

The performance was quite loose with the odd erroneous sound cue and the pair often pushing each other to the point of corpsing. Their style of slapstick wasn’t the slickest but was functional enough to suit these haphazard characters. Rather than detracting, this added beautifully to the chaos of the show.

Great effort went into the staging of this show; from the carnival-styled posters to the Consentino Magic Kit proudly displayed next to the stage to the many props with which they weaved their magic. Their elaborate and ridiculous costuming proved that these two comedians were not afraid to make themselves look stupid.

If you don’t mind crude humour, D’Illusional will keep you laughing and entertained. There are no deep themes, just pure unadulterated silliness.

CockBagg Magicians: D’illusional is on at The Red Violin until April 19