Jen Kirkman in I Know What I’m Doing & Other Lies I Tell Myself: Stories From A Life Under Construction

By Lisa Clark jen Kirkman

Jen Kirkman is back and bringing a show as classy as her Arts Centre Venue. Last year I caught her on the final day of the festival and adored her show, then a month later caught her being fabulous in great lineup at Nerdmelt in LA. So I looked forward to seeing her in Melbourne this year and she’s managed to exceed my expectations.

Walking out on stage Jen’s confident presence nearly hits you in the face. It’s an American sort of confidence that is nearly tangible, coming from a New York drama school and many years as a performer. This is despite it being a preview show with the odd glitch that she deals with beautifully, turning it around to make the audience feel like they are part of a special performance with ‘extra footage’ other audiences will be missing out on.

I Know What I’m Doing & Other Lies I Tell Myself: Stories From A Life Under Construction is a pretty much what it says on the box. Tales about growing up; her stressful family life and dreams to escape to Hollywood to be part of a perfect sitcom family as a great actress, her work to conquer her fear of flying (no spoilers in suggesting that it seems to have been successful thank goodness), her fear of nuclear Armageddon and a road rage incident that near sent her over the edge. The thing that really stands out is her anxiety from childhood til adulthood, yet none of it appears to be on stage. She’s so poised, warm and confident.

Jen reminded me a bit of a calmer Maria Bamford, with her brilliant, very personal storytelling and her delightful impressions of her Boston parents with their charming flat accents that she has lost along the way. Her open, detailed stories about discovering sex at a later age than her friends are refreshingly unsensational, relatable and more about her anxiety about it all, which she realises now, everyone experiences. The musical interludes between stories are perfectly chosen, she has actual documents from her childhood to read out and even performs some choreography.

Jen has brought a Broadway level of performance to The Arts Centre and her string of epic life stories are funny, poignant and will linger with you long after the show ends.

Jen Kirkman performs I Know What I’m Doing & Other Lies I Tell Myself: Stories From A Life Under Construction at The Arts Centre

Live Podcast Recordings at Melbourne International Comedy Festival or PODFEST 2015

By Lisa Clark

There are many comedians performing at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival who have popular podcasts. Some of those popular podcasts will be recorded live in front of an audience at this year’s Festival.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is calling it Podfest 2015 in the guide .

Here we present a comprehensive list of live recordings of Podcasts that we know of taking place at this years Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

First there is a link to bookings for the Live recording (many of which are sold or selling out fast)

The second link is to the podcast website itself. If you cant be there in person; you can listen!

CJ Delling Under The News Desk on Tuesdays

What never makes it to the news desk? Comedian and SBS Radio satirist CJ Delling unearths the week’s topical news stories found under a reputable, and imaginary, TV news desk.


David tulk & Jamie McCarney – Full of it: The True or False Game Show

A comedy quiz show, with one contestant, where one man tries to convince another that the truth is out there. We’re just not sure where!


Greg Behrendt & Dave Anthony- Walking the Room

“Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony reunite after 25 years (or perhaps a bit less) to bring their podcast live to Melbourne.”


I love Green Guide Letters with Steele Saunders

Steele brings on fabulous guests from Comedy and TV to discuss reader’s letters to the (green) TV guide in The Age Newspaper.


Jen Kirkman I Seem Fun (Live Recording)

Usually talking into a microphone in a room by herself…


Lisa-Skye’s Lovely Tea Party

Lisa records her naughty Tea Parties and puts them out as podcasts during Festivals


Spark! How ‘bout This?

The guys from one of Australia’s favourite improv groups, Spark! get together and talk about the things, all of the things, mostly the ridiculous things.


Steele Wars: Live Star Wars Chat

Previously called This is Not the Pod You Are Looking for, Steele Saunders has streamlined the name to “Steele Wars“, but it remains a podcast where Star Wars fans can get together and chat about Steele’s obsession with the Star Wars Universe.


The Dollop With Dave Anthony & Gareth Reynolds

The live show on April 18th at The Comics Lounge is SOLD OUT.


The Little Dum Dum Club with Tommy Dassalo and Karl Chandler Live!

Two top dickheads chatting to other comedians  about fast food and other things.


The Shelf Podcast Show

Adam Richard and Justin Hamilton catch up with each other and some comedian friends.

Also there is also bound to be a surprise Fofop / Walk In the Room mash-up/pop-up show at some point.

Keep your eyes on their websites and ears on their podcasts.

Meanwhile during the festival you can checkout the Comedy Festival Fan podcast MICF Daily Where Mike Brown talks to many comedians and various people involved with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with the addition of daily news and information about the Festival.