5 Good Reasons to See Juan Vesuvius in Calypso Nights: Juan, Two?

1) Is a great show for people who are allergic to jokes about tinder.

2) We all know bananas are the comedy fruit, but there are many other amazing things to find out about bananas, as I will demonstrate.

3) It is a sequel. You loved Calypso Nights? Well the sequel is even better. This hardly ever happens… only perhaps with Back To The Future.

You will leave the show with joy in your heart.

5) I have great merchandise.

Juan Vesuvius Calypso Nights: Juan, Two? is on at Roxanne

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5 Good Reasons to see Juan Vesuvius in Calypso Nights

1) Calypso Music can cure asthma
2) How many Venezuelan DJs (who are also maraca experts) are you gonna see this month?
3) There is a sequel to Calypso Nights called ‘Juan Two’ that you will not understand if you don’t see this first one.
4) I have a beautiful shirt.
5) You will leave with much joy in your heart

Juan Vesuvius in Calypso Nights 25th March-7th April at 9:45pm (8:45pm Sunday, addional 6:00pm accessible show on April 7th) at Tuxedo Cat