Kate Dehnert – Pony Yell

By Elyce PhillipsPony Yell

Kate and Pony work at the mail centre. They are terrible at their job. Kate is opposed to doing work with every fibre of her being, and poor Pony has a bad back. But through their apathy and misfortune, they find a whole heap of adventure. Pony Yell is a surreal step into the world of Kate Dehnert. The whole thing feels like a cross between a fairy tale gone wrong and an intense fever dream, and I loved every second of it.

Pony Yell is wonderfully silly. Dehnert has created a beautifully absurd magical universe. With the help of some hilarious pre-recorded voice acting from Dehnert and others, Pony Yell has a full cast of mythical and not-so-mythical characters. There’s a simple-minded rock monster, a passive-aggressive snake co-worker, and an unfortunate child named Giblets. It may be a one-woman show, but Dehnert presents a fully-realised world that’s a lot fun to spend time in.

The weirder Pony Yell gets, the funnier it is. Bizarre segments, such as the DJ practicing shout outs in the park, had me in pain. A rambling song about holidays was another highlight, even though it was a little difficult to make out all the lyrics. The hour is infused with a forcefully cheerful energy that is absolutely infectious. The jokes can be baffling, but they will have you grinning like a fool. The dilemmas Kate and Pony face are ridiculous, but you are rooting for them to the very end.

Pony Yell is an ambitious and confident show from an up-and-coming performer. Dehnert’s comedy is refreshingly different and an absolute joy to watch. Who knew sorting the mail could be so much fun?

Kate Dehnert – Pony Yell is on at the Imperial Hotel until April 19


The Funny Babe Fest

Running over five nights, Funny Babe Fest showcases over twenty five different acts – all written and performed by women. Profits from the season will be donated to global charity Equality Now.

The festival includes performances by Bev Killick, Tegan Higginbotham, sketch duo Nat Harris & Megan McCrea, Bone Marrow Theatre, Kate Denhert, Lisa-Skye, Play Like a Girl (The Improv Conspiracy), The Cheese Girls, Rachel Leary, Rose Callaghan, Joanne Brookfield, and Clara Cupcakes.

If for some reason you need further convincing to see a show during this brilliant festival, here are 5 Good Reasons to see Funny Babe Fest:

1. Every show has a different line up – over 30 acts appearing across five nights!

2. There’s something for every flavour of comedy lover. Everything from stand-up to cabaret, funny characters and short plays, to improv and puppetry.

3. Each performer is a kick-ass funny lady.

4. Many of the performers are sampling their upcoming Comedy Festival shows, so you can get a preview of what’s on offer at the Festival.

5. Profits from the season are going to ‘Equality Now’, which works globally to protect and promote the human rights of women and girls.

The Funny Babe Fest is on at The Butterfly Club from Tue 17 to Sun 22 March, 8pm (Tue/ Wed/ Sun) & 9pm (Thu/ Fri/ Sat).
Visit the Butterfly Club Website for all the details and Bookings.