Five Good Reasons to See Interesting Parties.

1 –          Kevin Lim and Geoff Setty are both making a large impact in the Melbourne Comedy Scene. Kevin with a slice of life look at being Australian in the 21st Century, Geoff Setty tells jokes.

2 –          Kevin Lim and Geoff Setty both have audiences laughing while thinking.

3 –          Special guests will be crashing the party on a nightly basis, with the cream of Melbourne’s considerable crop of comedians already agreeing appear.

4 –          With an early start (6PM) Interesting Parties is a great way to kick off a night on the town – unless you’re too tired from laughing too hard.

5 –          Foot massages can be requested with additional fees, in fact both Kevin and Geoff like a good foot massage. Oh and Kevin is a hatstand and Geoff is a bowl of kiwi fruit.


Interesting Parties by Kevin Lim and Geoff Setty is on at The Provincial Hotel

Tickets and information can be found at the Fringe website