1. It’s an all-female showcase show, which means nobody has to hear from dudebros that are like “my girlfriend likes throw pillows!” or “women be shopping!” etc, etc, ad nauseum.

2. Every night will be a totally different line-up, with a few massive theme nights thrown in for good measure. Slumber Party, anyone?

3. We’ve got a truckload of acts already in, like Clem Bastow, Nicolette Minster (Girls Uninterrupted), Lou Sanz, Tessa Waters, Claire Sullivan, Kate Boston-Smith and many, many more. Aww yiss!

4. It’s not just comedy, either; we’ll have acts doing burlesque, spoken word, music, sketches, theatre, characters and anything else you can think of.

5. Most importantly, it’s a fun, welcoming night run by women for whom feminism and entertainment are major passions. Made with love, for you!

For Information and tickets see the Melbourne Fringe website:

Five Good Reasons to See Lou Sanz Speaks Easy

Five Good Reasons to See….Lou Sanz Speaks Easy

1. It starts at 9.15pm (except Sundays 8.15pm) – which means if you’re organised (naturally the onus is on you) – you can catch dinner and a show!

2. It’s a show about a show…so (draws long bow….) if you like ’30 Rock’ you’ll f**kin love this.

3. My boyfriend directed it. So you never know, the show could end with lots of sex or death…or both…at the same time.

4. I was once on Double Dare, yep I was a child star, Australia’s answer to Carrie Fisher…this is that story.

5. My last show Neverending Storage took out the Critics Choice Award at the Sydney Comedy Festival in 2012…this is not that show.

Sex and Death at the same time, sounds very Jacobean! Should be a fun night
Lou Sanz Speaks Easy is on at The Loft Lithuanian Club  9.15pm